December 19, 2019

Feel The B.E.R.M.

Clear, cold, 26 degrees, No wind- frozen field


Welcomed everyone and disclaimed- Photo Shop comes screeching in right as we are starting (forgot that windshield will ice over on cold, humid nights). Gave warning that this is my VQ.

SSH x 15 in cadence

Cherry Picker x 10 in cadence -Was quickly corrected that I was doing Daisy Pickers so we did Daisy Pickers x 10 in Cadenc

Wind Mill x 10 in cadence- Actually did 11 (forgot to change cadence on 10. Or maybe I was counting in the metric system?)

Arm Circle x 10 forward in cadence

Arm Circle x 10 backward in cadence

Chinook (in memory of Tre’ my brother in law who was a Flight Commander on a Chinook) x 10 in cadence

Had 4 stations 25yds or in Mudpants world, 22.86 meters apart.  Each station represented a letter. Station 1=B, Station 2=E, Station 3=R, Station 4=M. Each Station had corresponding exercises to be done.

B= Round 1: Baryshnikov Squats x 20. Round 2:Body Builder x 15. Round 3: Blades of Steel x 20 (did not get to Round 4: Bropee x 15)

E= Round 1 & Round 3: Elf on Shelf x 15 left 15 Right  Round 2: Escalators- 5 Burpees, 10 Bobby Hurley’s, 15 Merkins, 20 Squats

R=Random Merkins x 15 (You and Partner Choose) PAX get to choose which type of Merkins to indulge in. Choices were: Ranger (Hands by Rib Cage), Wide, Diamond, Regular. (Many chose to do 5 of each for a total of 15. We got through 3 rounds.

M= Round 1:Pattycake Merkins x 15, Round 2: Mountain Climbers x 30 (1=1), Round 3: Booyah! Merkins x 15

Mosey 25 yds (22.86 meters) to find out what mode of transportation to do for 100yds. Round 1: Broken Wheelbarrow (Partners switch every 25 yds) This was a little too ambitious- Most modified to lunge walk 25 yds and Bear Crawl 25 yds.  Round 2: Emperial Walkers Round 3: Rrailroad Tracks: We did this as one group.  Round 4: Mosey (Did not get to)

Mosey back to parking lot and in the spirit of Christmas we listened to Bing Crosby sing “Little Drummer Boy” However, in true F3 fashion we did ‘Little Merkin Boy.’  The goal is to hold plank during the song and whenever “Pa rum pum pum pum” is sung you do one complete merkin.  That would be 21 merkins and 3 minutes of holding plank.  This was tough- Photoshop, I think completed the whole thing.



E2K (Oblique Crunches)

Rosalita Wip

Monkey Crunches

7 Pax: Photoshop, Beauty Shop, Mudpants, Lipton, Little John, Snookie, Paper Trail

From the Malcom Gladwell’s book David and Goliath. Was David really the underdog? David didn’t think so. He did not view his size as a weakness, the Israelites did, his own king did.  Obviously, Goliath did but David never did.  He knew what God had blessed him with.  He was not blessed with size and strength, he was blessed with skill with a sling.  Too often I look at what others have called a weakness in me and focus on that, instead of focusing on the strengths that God has blessed me with.  Unfortunately, too many men see what we don’t have instead of seeing what we do have. Our society hurts because we want to be like someone else instead of being who we were created to be.  It may not be the funniest, or the wealthiest, or the best writer but that’s ok.  It may be a good listener, an encourager, a father that teachers his kids about Christ first and everything else second.  Let us embrace who God made us and don’t be afraid to use our ‘weaknesses’ to His glory.

I enjoyed being the Q and am glad I was encouraged to do so.  F3 does not have many exercises that begin with the letter ‘E’ I probably chose too many ‘new’ exercises and explained a little too long. I am glad that USA uses mostly the Imperial system and some Metric. I feel like I’m a little bilingual in something, since the only foreign language I ever took was Latin. I will never be excited to hear Little Drummer Boy again and even though my wife and I never did Elf on the Shelf for our kids, I hate it!  Thank you guys for being at my first Q and working hard, hopefully it was worth your time.

None that I know of. Sorry.

Paper Trail
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