January 30, 2020

February Pull-up Challenge

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Hate having pull-ups called during a boot camp?  Want to be stronger in March than you are now?  The pull-up is the ultimate body weight exercise, targeting everything from your back to your shoulders, to your biceps and abs.

           February 2020 Challenge

pick a daily number and stick to it, each day, all month.  Looking for strict pull-ups only, we want to challenge ourselves and get stronger not just achieve inflated counts.  Boot camp pull-ups count so keep track of your reps while posting this month.  There are 3 levels of accomplishments looking at monthly totals of 300, 600, 900.  For extra credit: on leap day at the barracks, pax will have an opportunity to complete the Murph.  The Murph is an Equinox challenge approved slog workout that highly utilizes pull-ups. Completing the gold level plus the Murph puts pax at 1000 pull-ups in a month!   As a region if we complete 20,000 pull-ups YHC will complete 30 flights up the Ruins bluff stairs with 30lb rucksack before boot camp.

Workout Date: