September 22, 2020

Faux Bucket CSAUP

THE SCENE:  Weinke, Water, Watch, Cone, Speaker, Phone (music player), 5 gallon buckets, check, check, and check.  Cruising down into the heart of G-town, a sub-region of F3 Memphis.  We keep these AO’s around for eye candy and high status Willy Lomans.

F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER:  I have no money, you can sue me, at most you’ll get a few kids maybe a dog and some chickens.

WARM-O-RAMA:  SSH’s x 10, Penalty Burpees x 10 since Rocket Laucher hit a sprinkler system (probably) when planting the shovel flag and it flop doodled over.

THA-THANG:  Each PAX grabbed a 5 gallon or plus bucket and we circled up on a nicely manacured patch of grass with white curbs? (a wicket pitch?)

3 rounds, 9 exercises, 22 reps each, 2 minute time hack, penalties enforced.  All performed with an empty plastic bucket.

1st RoundTriple BJ’s (Bonnie Blair Bucket Jumps – place bucket on the ground, perform 1 Bonnie Blair (2=1) beside bucket, jump over bucket, perform 1 Bonnie Blair (2=1) on the other side.  Repeat to 22.  Hold high plank on bucket until time expires.  Irkins x 22,   Bucket squats – straddle bucket laying on its side, sink the squat until butt hits the bucket. x 22

cool down: lined up our buckets social distanced 12 feet apart.  Formed a single line behind the 1st bucket, ran and leap frogged over each bucket in the line.  Down and back.  Sprinted down and back weaving between buckets.

2nd Round: Bucket Burpee Laterals – just like with a CMU in IPC.  Burpee, jump over the bucket, Burpee x 22.  Penalty enforced, over time hack.  10 Triple BJ’s enforced OYO. Derkins x 22, Prisioner Squats – hold bucket overhead x 22.

cool down: lined up PAX, held bucket overhead in the deep squat position, waddle walked 10 yds and back.

3rd RoundDeclined Carolina Dry Docks – feet on bucket x 22. Dips x 22. Jump Ups (good balance) x 22.

cool down: R&R 1st cool down.

bonus time: Triple BJ’s x 22, in 2 minutes.

MARY:  Flutter Kicks (bucket overhead) x 22. BBBSUs (big boy bucket sit-ups) x 22. Bucket to shoestrings x 22. American Bucket Hammers x 22.

COUNT-OFF & NAME-O-RAMA:  5 Ewoks, 0 FNGs;  Rocket Launcher, Lochte, La-Z-Boy, Hoya.

CIRCLE OF TRUST/BOM:  Be Kind.  Small deeds and a kind word can absolutely change someone’s day, can change someone’s life.  So do it.

MOLESKIN:  Apple music purged off all our playlists and downloaded music as they needed an updated autowithdrawl payment method.  Therefore, I found myself downloading and compiling Linkin Park, Breaking Benjamin, and Thirty Seconds to Mars while cruising down Popular Ave.  Thankfully, no G-town officers got me.  Also, thankfully I didn’t wrap the family mini-van around a light pole.

Rocket Launcher is an excellent AO q.  Confirmed with me yesterday afternoon, summarized the AO’s ammenities (failed to mention the overused hills), asked if I needed anything, and helped me unload buckets and setup/tear down.  Hoya got the symbol of British Imperialism for his grit and perservernce with the empty bucket movements.

No Ewoks at this AO.  Dissapointing.

ANNOUNCEMENTS:  Lochte gave us some pointers to do the Killer Bunnies for IPC.  New Hope Academy workout, breakfast, and picnic table construction is this Saturday.  Donate some $ so that kids can eat lunch!!

Challenged each one of us to think of one person outside of their household. What is one kind thing you can do or say to them today?  Do it, today.

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