September 19, 2020

Fast and Light

Welcomed + Disclaimed


10 Windmills

Mountain Man Poopers (Yesss) x 20 IC,

10 AC IC, 10 Rev AC IC

10 Daisy Pickers IC


Sling Shot Run 2 rotations. Stop.

10 ea: Burpees, Bobby Hurleys,

Catalina Wine Mixers, LBCs

Sling Shot Run 2 rotations

Then 9 ea

Rinse/repeat down to 1.

Mixed it up some to do bearcrawls, lunge walks, power skips, backpedal, and moseys between

Mary:  None

CoR: 10 PAX

Name o Rama: Tremor (AOQ), Tackleberry, Oneder, OJ, Cankles, Barnum, One and Done, Farmer, Chef, Photoshop (QiC)


Becoming Fast & Light

Imagine being fast and light when moving through this life. Imagine being free from things that weigh you down, hold you back. Imagine being free to roam, free to rest. Imagine being free from sin and shame and striving and worry and self-doubt. Imagine being free to love, free to slow down, free to go wherever God calls you to go and to do whatever God calls you to do.

Brother, that’s the kind of life our Creator has made available—and to which he calls us now. If he hadn’t come, we wouldn’t be able to access it. The things that encumber us would become prisons too strong for us to escape. But our Creator did come. He kicked open the prison doors. He knocked down the prison walls. He did what we could never do. He set us free (Galatians 5:1). Now we must do our part.

Because we find ourselves without prison walls, we’ve got to stop acting like prisoners and lay down prisoner habits and prisoner beliefs (Hebrews 12:1). We must adopt the practices of free men, men who’re fast and light . . . able to live transparent lives, free from hiding and posing, free to confess struggles and sin openly in community . . . able to make decisions with our lives and our families that align with our King, though probably not with our culture . . . and able to stop and care and help and love people, especially those in need.

Okay, so what do we do?

What weighs you down? What holds you back? Spend a moment praying and reflecting. Trust that God the Holy Spirit will guide your thoughts. Now, make two lists. On the left, name your top encumbrances—old sin habits, old beliefs. On the right, specify how you’ll commit to laying them down.


1. Lela (Tackleberry’s M)

reconstructive surgery Tuesday

2. Prayers for Tackleberry and police, mental and physical


Workout Date: