October 10, 2019

“Fall” in the Old Forest

THE SCENE: Chilly and pleasant

SSH (IC X 20)

Imperial Walkers (IC X 10)

Hillbillies (IC X 10)

Mummy Kicks (IC x 10)

Arm Circles (IC x 32)

Finkle Swing (30 secs each leg)

Free stretch

Mosey to bike gate and back. (YHC tripped and fell halfway there, the other PAX did not follow suit, but kindly helped me up)

YHC was “inspired” by Choker’s F3 Golf routine.   Series of 5 minute sets consisting of 2 different exercises. 12 reps of each exercise OYO, then 11 reps, and so on until the 5 minutes expired. Each person’s score was the lowest number of completed reps of both excercises at the end of 5 minutres.  At the end of each round we rested for 1 minute and prepared physically and mentally for the next.

  • Set 1: Merkins/BBSU

  • Set 2: SSH (4 count) /Flutter Kicks (4 count)

  • Set 3: Mountain Climbers (4 count)/Squats

  • Set 4: Bobby Hurleys/LBCs (4 count)

  • Set 5:  Carolina Dry Docks/Monkey Humpers


Flutter kicks (IC x 10)

13 PAX – Altar Boy, Barnum, Dewey (QIC), Doc Hollywood, Easily Amused, Frisky, Jailbait (Irish G’bye), Kingpin, MIB, Mudslide, One and Done, Pirtle (Irish G’bye), Teacher’s Pet
Comparison is the thief of joy. Friendly competition is a good and healthy thing, but if we find ourselves constantly comparing our lives to other people it only breeds shame and disappointment. We must build one another up and push each other to get better together. Iron sharpening iron.
As mentioned in the “Warm-o-rama” section, I took a bit of tumble after tripping on a bumpy place in the path to the bike gate. I wasn’t injured, but I was honored by the concern the other PAX had for me during that moment.  A literal reminder that there are brothers around here who will us pick ourselves back up when we fall.