October 26, 2018

Fall ’18 APFT at the Barracks

THE SCENE: 56*, constant drizzle


Just a little warm-up before APFT – SSH x20, tempo merkins x6, LBC x10, arm circles front and back

The PAX did the Army Physical Fitness test today, with YHC handling clipboard duties. The event consists of 2 minutes AMRAP sit-ups, 2 minutes AMRAP push-ups, and a timed 2 mile run. 

CLICK HERE for today’s results. Make sure you’re looking at the Fall18 Scores tab.

After the run, the PAX were instructed to start working through a deck of cards. Instead, they just stood around huffing and puffing ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

12 PAX, 1 clipboard Q, no FNGs

We can tend to think of pornography as a victimless sin. We probably know we’re hurting ourselves in some way, and we may recognize that we’re hurting the people in the industry by supporting it, but we may not fully appreciate how we hurt our wives through this indulgence. YHC was struck by the candor in this article recently.

The author points out how, in the Bible, Nathan showed King David very clearly the effect his sin had on others before David truly appreciated the magnitude of what he’d done (slept with and impregnated another man’s wife then had that man killed to cover it up). The author then points to three levels of destruction caused by a husband’s use of pornography – 1) the pornography itself, 2) deception, and 3) abuse. The whole thing is worth a read, YHC quoted the following:

Level 1: Pornography itself.

Too often this is viewed as merely a shameful habit and not the serious breach of covenant that it is. I cannot give a detailed theology of sex here, but I will summarize by saying that sex is designed by God to function uniquely as the physical, literal culmination of the one-flesh union of the husband and wife, and as such is in multiple ways a picture of the gospel itself, as union with Christ (1 Cor. 6:12-20; Eph. 5:25-32).

Sex is designed to express the permanent, exclusively faithful, self-sacrificial love that characterizes our Savior’s love for us. When a man takes what is supposed to express his highest, most profound love and commitment to his wife, and repeatedly focuses it on other women’s bodies, it becomes an anti-gospel message to his wife:

“I am not yours forever, but belong to whatever turns me on for a while; I have not set you apart as the object of my affection, in fact you don’t compare all that well to the hundreds of women I look at; I am not giving myself to you to love you, nurture you, and cherish you, because all I want is for you or anybody who is available to meet my needs and desires on my terms.”

Pornography in a marriage makes a wife feel unloved, insecure, and worthless. An addiction to pornography, if we use that word, is not merely something a husband struggles with— it represents serious mistreatment of a wife.

…This is how hurtful pornography, and all that comes with it, can be to a wife. If you, like David, are hearing, “You are the man,” as you read any of these levels of hurt, then remember also that Nathan’s rebuke was the instrument of God’s grace to David. Restoration of worship, love, and joy is offered to you, but it begins with a clear view of the hurt you have done.

Read the whole thing.

Harvest USA is a great resource for people fighting or affected by sexual sin. Check it out, and find a group of men who will walk with you.

YHC was really impressed with the PAX encouraging each other near the end of the running segment. Tomb Raider and Handsy each went back to run part of the last lap with a couple guys. Miraculously, we all finished at 0614. 

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