November 13, 2017

FACT: Bear Crawls are No Fun. Especially on Merkin Monday @ The Levee

AO: The Levee

QIC:  O Positive

PAX: Escobar, Beauty Shop, Paper Cut, Captain Obvious, Slots and O Positive.

CONDITIONS: Partly gloomy with a slight chill in the air



•SSH x20 IC
•Merkins x10 IC
*Hand Release Merkins (R) x10 IC
*Hand Release Merkins (L) x10 IC
•Windmills  x20 IC
*Burpees x10 IC

*YHC led the PAX on a lil’ mosey up and around and back to the flag.

THE THANG: 11’s and some running and other stuff

Round 1:

Using the 11 conveniently placed yet unevenly spaced lightpoles as markers the PAX started with x1 Merkin OYO then Bear Crawled to the 2nd lightpole; about 20-25 yards away.

Upon reaching lightpole #2, PAX did x2 Merkins OYO then Lunge Walk to the 3rd lightpole.

Upon reaching lightpole #3, PAX (grumbling I might add) did x3 Merkins OYO then did Squat Jump-Broad Jump Combo Action to the 4th lightpole.

At this point, legs a shaking, the PAX proceeded 1 pole after another increasing Merkins each pole but starting back over to repeat the 3 exercises in the same order (BC, LW, SJ-BJ, BC, LW, SJ-BJ and finishing with BC to pole #11 and finished off with x11 Merkins). Squat until all in.

*Mosey onto Round 2

Round 2:

With the gloom slowly lifting off the Germantown sky YHC mosey’d the PAX over to the local Baseball Diamond.

In a single-file line the PAX ran down the 1st base line (300 feet=100 yards) to the right-field fence.

Upon reaching the r-f fence, the PAX shuffled east to west, facing the infield, until reaching the center-field fence.

At that point, the PAX turned and faced the outfield fence and continued shuffling east to west until reaching the 3rd base line.

Once the brothers found their mark they ran backwards to home plate.

*Rinse and repeat except in reverse order.  This time running down the 3rd base line to the fence, shuffling west to east to the 1st base line then running backwards to home plate. Al Gore until all in.

*Mosey back to Mary…but not before a 20 yard Sprint to finish

*Stargazer x20 seconds IC
*Hello Dolly x20 IC
*Flutter Kicks x10 IC
*LBC x20 IC
*Box Cutters (F) x20 IC
*Box Cutters (R) x20 IC
*Plank x20 seconds IC



>YHC felt led to challenge the PAX this morning by citing the discipleship relationship between Paul and Timothy. YHC suggested that each man consider his opportunities around us to pour into a Timothy or even allow a Paul to pour into us. The choice is ours. Family, workplace, places of worship…even at F3. The opportunities are abundant. PAX lifted individual PAX prayer requests up and locked shields.

>6 PAX denied the DBP and chose to consume the DRP yet again. And they were better for it. Downpainment was on the house today.  So good to see some new blood out at the Levee. Prayers continue to be answered.  F3 Memphis-Band of brothers. Better. Together.