January 6, 2020


Old Forest, good weather at 41º F!


Considering the workout, Everyone was welcomed with “Ladies And Gentlemen, Boys and Girls, Children of All Ages, Welcome to Barnum’s F3-Ring-Circus!” I disclaimed any skills, and disclaimed anyone who paid anyone else to be there, and we went on with things.

We warmed up with Runner’s Block stretches, and since we needed to hold each side for a 30 count, I had our considerable crowd of folks count the 30s.  Then we had Daisy Pickers (12) Side Straddle Hops (15) Imperial Walkers (18), then a Mosey around what would become our ‘track’.

It was another ToyBox workout, using jumpropes, slam balls of various weights, and some hand weights because we had more groups of people than we had slam balls.

The Q (me) didn’t explain everything to the point where everyone got a complete picture (partly for fear of using up workout time to run my mouth) so next time, I’ll know to be more concise yet more careful about explaining the circuit.

The circuit involved dividing into groups of three (one set of two, considering our count) and each group moving through a series of COUNTING (big boy situps , or American hammers, alternating) then SLAMMING (squatting to lift a slam ball to an overhead throw, or lunging to lift a slam ball to a chest pass, alternating) and HOPPING (jumping rope, or side shuttle hopping, alternating) When all PAX had done both series three times each, the bulk of the workout was done.

As the groups completed their series, they joined a growing Mary circle, passing first two slam balls then later three slam balls in different directions around the circle until any slam ball dropped.  At that point all PAX did three burpees.  The circle reformed and the weights of the slam balls changed.  The final minute and a half had us moving the slam balls overhead.

We had 20 PAX:  Park Bench, Easily Amused, Dewey, Bottomless, Rabbit, Freckles, Upgrade, Low Note, Daniel Tiger, Stripes, Teacher’s Pet, Mama’s Boy, Mudslide, Handsy, Altar Boy, MIB, Jailbait, Crayfish, Barnum, and Windex

We all get old, and it seems to take us by surprised.  Don’t get in a rut when it happens- a rut being a grave with the ends kicked out.  Do new things, keep yourself surprised by what you can do.

Gotta get my spiel down to something quick and intelligible if I’m gonna keep Q’ing ToyBox.

Though we had 20 PAX today, it didn’t sound like enough to get the KOTB flag from the Levee (and it wasn’t) But we were all encouraged to come and bring others to AO The Sandlot tomorrow for a crack at a Cinderella Story KOTB for a spot that rarely stands a chance at such love.

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