November 11, 2018

F3 Memphis Whetstone Program

Whetstone is the vertical relationship between men that causes both men to accelerate. One man, the stone, is focused on sharpening another man, the blade. The two meet regularly to focus on how the blade is accelerating. 

We are looking for men who are willing to sharpen other men, and men who want to be sharpened. The format, timing, and content are up to you, but we will provide some recommendations based on what has been successful in the past.

What are we doing?
Here are helpful resources from F3 Nation:
Whetstone Q-Source Article (Proximity, Purposeful, Periodicity)
Whetstone 43 Feet Podcast
Other questions? Reach out to FourEyes.

How can I participate?
Fill out this super nifty Whetstone Google Form so we know what you’re looking for. Also reach out to FourEyes.

Really, what are we doing?
You and your stone/blade can set this up however you want, but please read the Q-Source article and listen to the Whetstone 43 Feet Podcast so that you both have some common language. I highly recommend starting with the “Ask, Listen, Remember” format that Dredd discusses and then going through some King, Queen, Jester, and Concentrica questions for a few meetings before getting into whatever it is you think you really want to get into. It might not turn out that way after you have another man examine your life with you a bit.

Stones, remember that your goal as a leader is to bring forth leadership in others.

As we launch a formal Whetstone program in Memphis, huge shoutout to Gus, Torres, and O-Positive for the encouragement to get this going (and FourEyes for taking the reigns). They are leading men to produce other leaders.