August 19, 2020

F3 Memphis 3-Year Celebration Workout BERM

This is a free, volunteer, peer-led workout. I am not a professional fitness instructor. I have no knowledge of any
injuries or fitness considerations. It is your responsibility to be safe and modify exercises as needed.

Core Principles
(1) Be free of charge. (2) Be open to all men. (3) Be held outdoors, rain or shine, heat or cold. (4) Be led by men
who participate in the workout in a rotating fashion. (5) End with a Circle of Trust

To plant, grow and serve small workout groups for men for the invigora on of male community leadership.

Leave no man behind, but leave no man where you found him.

● 40x SSH IC
● 20x Hand Release Merkins IC
● Bat Wings IC ( 4-count IC arms held up throughout )
○ 20x Forward Arm Circles
○ 20x Backwards Arm Circles
○ 20x Seal Claps
○ 20x Overhead Claps
● 2:00/400m mosey (to playground, OG startex #1)
● COT 1 of 3
If you’ve been in F3, you’ve heard us say you’re #freedtolead and we mean that. F3 has a glossary, a Lexicon, and
one of the terms they use is a Sua Sponte Leader . What is a Sua Sponte Leader? It is a man who initiates
leadership without being asked. No one has to tell him he’s freed to lead, he just leads. Why aren’t more men like
this? Some mes we’re passive, we’re scared of failure, we doubt ourselves, we fall in line, etc. But we all have
spaces where we CAN lead, SHOULD lead, and MUST lead. How can you step up in F3, your family, your workplace,
and your neighborhood? You shouldn’t always wait. Some mes you go a get out front and make it happen. You
get over yourself and the reasons you can’t, won’t, shouldn’t, and don’t want to. Sure, we all have a certain
capacity and limitations, so no, you can’t do everything. But as men we also know we tend to procrastinate, we’re
lazy, and we’re on our phones too much. So let’s keep becoming those men.

Tha-Thang (at field next to playground)
● 10:00 AMRAP Killer Bees (4-5 rounds)
○ Bear crawl roughly 100 ft/30 yards
○ Broad jump back to start
○ Every 5 broad jumps, perform 3 burpees (~15 burpees per round)
● COT 2 of 3 (led while walking/moseying to OG startex #2)
How do you step up to become a Sua Sponte Leader? If you’ve been in F3 for any length of  me, you’ve heard us
say #be ertogether. You wouldn’t do half of the CSAUP stuff in the gloom if we weren’t side by side. You step up as
a leader because, even if you feel like you’re on your own, you know other men in this circle will be doing the same
thing. F3 is where you come to accelerate your 1stF but a Sua Sponte Leader is always accelerating all 3 F’s.
Circuit #2, Dora-ish (done at grass between old startex and dog park)
○ Partner up; PAX 1 starts on the exercises below while PAX 2 sprints 50 yards and backpedals back
○ 150 Merkins
○ 150 Bonnie Blairs 2:1
○ All PAX did 10 more Bonnie Blairs until all in
● COT 3 of 3 (moseyed back to current Startex #3)
What can you do now to become a Sua Sponte leader? First, step up in an F3 role….become an AOQ, post at other
AO’s, bring coffee to PLC, headlock someone. Second, but more importantly, keep/start leading your family. Put
your phone down and love your M and 2.0’s well. Third, invest in work and community. Don’t wait for someone
else to step up. Be That Somebody.

CoR: 14
NoR: Photoshop, MUDPANTS, Laettner, Snookie, UPS, Rabbit, Tomb Raider, Prince Ali, Drifter, Lipton, Big Top, FNGs: Jump Seat (UPS), Greyhound (Rabbit + Lipton), Double Dutch (MUDPANTS + Laettner)
If we fall, we fall together. When we rise, we rise together.

Sand Burpee Payment on Aug 22 at Berm
IronPAX Challenge coming in September, get signed up

Workout Date: