October 7, 2020

F3 Baseball at the Wolf

Scene:  perfect temp and pax rolling in all roughly 2 min early!  Started on time.

Disclaimer: We had an FNG so made sure to go over this one well.

Warm-a-Rama: SSH IC, IW IC x20 ea


Mosey to playground.

Morning call: Pax line up on side walk in plank position. 1 at a time a pax runs to the playground equipment and does 5 pull-ups.  All other pax held plank and do Merkins during each pull-up.  We stopped after 4 pax and switched to an Al Gore position and did did a Squat in cadence with the pull-up’ing pax. Did this for the remaining 4 pax.

Mosey to the baseball diamond.  Once we got there we counted off to form two teams of F3 Baseball.

1st base 120 team Merkins then Carioca facing home to second

2nd base 120 team Squats the Carioca facing outfield to third

3rd base 120 team crab cakes (2=1) then beat crawl home

Home Plate 120 team burpees then bear crawl to first

Team 1 started on 1st, Team 2 started on 3rd.  You score a run each time your team makes it back to your starting base.  Teams were evenly matched both with 2 runs and making it around all the bases starting a movement to score as time ended.

Mary: Captain Thorkin: Captain Thor (1 sit-up 4 American Hammers 2=1) after each round you do 5 Merkins.  Then you increase the sit-up by 1 and hammers by 4.  Goal is to get to 10-40.  Merkins always stay at 5.

Pax: 8 present 1 FNG, welcome Po Boy


Last night I asked my M what is my biggest fault.  “Surprisingly” (sarcasm) she started to answer right away, I hedged my bet and quickly relayed, “let’s keep it at 1 thing.”  Shared with the men present her feedback, I know she has said things like that to me in the past but that wasn’t on my radar as a big issue. I thought she would pick something different.  Anyway we discussed a few topics and it’s freeing in a way to know what to work on.  This way I can be retrospective with myself and start being proactive to grow.  I encouraged the pax to have a similar conversation with their Ms and/or someone close with them.


I was tickled when Choker said something about his arms being toast and that he was glad that was over.  I responded with, “you’ll still need ‘em a little longer” since Mary was a little different format than the usual.

Hobo and Innuendo crushed the Captian Thorkin.

90ish burpees and 160ish Merkins not bad!

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