December 18, 2017

F150 For the road

AO: The Levee

Q: F150

PAX: F150, Billy Blanks, Woody, Anklet, Slicnut, Captain Obvious, Raven, Money Bags, Currie (FNG),Meter Maid

Conditions: 43 and damp


Annie IC x15
Cotton Pickers IC
Sixty Second Arm Circles (SSACs)
Start in T Plank (left arm up) 15 IC roll to back for LBCs 15 IC to T Plank (right arm up)
Roll to Merkins 15 IC

Tha Thang:
Tour of the Levee

Ball Park Tour
Mosey to the far side of the ball park lot
Plank slides from grassy area to grassy area (switch directions at grassy area)

Planks while others are doing the exercise
Rd 1 – Run up steps: 10 burpees (Batman)
Walk down steps on hands with legs on wall (Spiderman)
Rd 2 Run up steps 10 Squats (Captain America)
Sprint on sidewalk to starting area (Flash)
11 supermans (Superman)

Tennis Court Tour
Mosey to Tennis Courts
PAX split up between 2 courts
Sprint to net from the baseline, crab walk back to baseline
Sprint to net from the baseline, crawl bear back to baseline
Sprint to net from the baseline, reverse lunge back to baseline
Rinse & Repeat
Rinse & Repeat but in reverse

Skate Park Tour
Mosey to the Skate Park
Dora Lite

P1 does exercise P2 explores at peak 10 merkins
50 merkins
75 mountain climbers
100 squats
P1 does exercise P2 explores at peak 10 lunges each leg
25 merkins
35 mountain climbers
50 squats

Captain Terkin (no 5:20)
Captain Thor (1 big boy setup to 4 American Hammers) w/ 5 merkins between each set.
1:4, 2:8, 3:12, 4:16, 5:20
Flutter Kicks IC x 10


9 regulars and 1 FNG

Romans 5:33 “May the God of peace be with you all. Amen.” As we are busy in wrapping up the things of our job that are required at the end of the year and at home with Christmas coming next week, let us not forget the reason we celebrate Christmas the birth of Jesus Christ. He is the only one who can give us true peace, nothing of this season and world will give us peace only knowing Jesus will do so.

The dampness of the day provided for the need to Omaha some portions of the workout for safety. The weather did not stop us from our tennis court experience just made doing some bear crawls and crawl bears easier since our feet slid. Each pearl was a reflection of one of the workouts that we had done at The Levee since our launch date.