December 14, 2017

F-150’s Last Stand. You will be missed, brother. Aye!

AO: The Lair

Q: F150

PAX: F150, O Positive, Backseat, Rabbit, C-Lo, Slots

Conditions: 41 and clear


All in 17s
Arm Circles both directions
Imperial Walkers

Mosey to turf field

Tha Thang:
117 Days ago we launched Mothership officially, and it is what brought each of us together and for that I am much appreciative. MEM has set the bar for me as I head to Dallas and those men will have to step up. So in honor of 117 days each round will equate to 117 reps

Start at goal line and at each 10 yard mark do exercise, followed by next (12 reps on 10,20,30,40,50,40,30,20,10 yard lines and 9 reps on the goal line)
Rd 1 (Exercise) Merkins, (Transportation) bear crawl
Rd 2 Air Squats (E), Lunge walk (T)
Rd 3 Dive bombers (E), slow mosey (T)
Rd 4 LBCs (E), Lt Dans (T)

Flutter kicks IC
Box Cutters IC
Pickle pounders IC
Hello Dolly IC



As today was his final Q before he/his family move to Dallas…YHC shared how 10 months ago life changed for him, but 117 days ago (Aug. 19) F3 impacted him in a powerful way. We are men who lead, whether at work or at home we lead. 1 Samuel talks about a young man named Samuel who heard God calling to him, but he thought it was his mentor Eli. At the third time of being called and going to Eli, Samuel is told by Eli to respond “Yes Lord”. When God calls us by name, usually is not through a burning bush, to build an ark, in an in counter with an angel like Mary. These only happened once in Scripture, He usually calls us by name. In our hustle and bustle of the day don’t miss when God gently call our name. We are to lead and disciple our children. As men we are responsible for them beyond just making sure if they survive. Listen and lead as God calls to us.

We had ducks in the pod next to the turf field mocking and laughing at us as we trudged through our chilly workout. There was some loving words shared about how enthused the PAX were about our morning honor of Mothership’s launch. Aye!