October 16, 2018

Exponential Math is Worse than Regular Math

45 degrees, which is cold until your 6th SSH.  Then it’s perfect.

Fast version, because we had not yet done 6 SSH.

SSH x20 IC
Daisy Pickers x15 IC
Windmills x15 IC
Little Arm Circles x10 IC each direction

I outright thieved this from one of Tomb Raider’s backblasts because it sounded terrible.  I was right.

Stack 21s (although it should be called “Stack 11s”, because there’s no way anyone is getting to 21 in a 45 minute workout.  Not even the World Champion of Slots Merkins.

Round 1:  At STARTEX, perform 1 Burpee.  Run to 1st light pole (25ish yards), perform 1 BBSU.  Run to 2nd light pole (25ish yards), perform 1 Squat.  Run back to STARTEX.

Round 2:  Same as round 1, but add a set of 2 reps of each exercise.  So each stop has two sets; 1 of 1 rep and 1 of 2 reps = 3 total reps at each stop.

Round 3:  Add a set of 3 reps at each stop (6 total reps of each exercise)

Round 4-6:  Continue adding sets at each stop (round 4=10 reps, round 5=15 reps, round 6=21 reps)

Round 7-10:  Continue adding sets, but change exercises to Merkins, LBCs, Lunges*.  (round 7: 28 reps, round 8=36 reps, round 9=45 reps, round 10=55 reps)

*After round 7, PAX were given the option to go back to squats in lieu of lunges.  All 3 PAX exercised this option.

Totals:  56 Burpees and BBSU.  28 Lunges.  164 Merkins and LBCs.  192 Squats.

Fully covered throughout Tha-Thang.

3 PAX: Choker (QIC), Flobee, Zima

This week’s QSource is on Failure.  Failure is important because it creates our greatest learning and growing opportunities.  If you never failed, there would be no reason to try a different approach or grow beyond what you already are.  But the following passage from the QSource really spoke to me:

Oh, what a wonderful teacher Failure is, but only if you can take the Pain required to learn from it. And, just as importantly, only if there are men willing to deliver the Pain.

We sometimes think that we are doing a service to our [employees|children|subordinates] by helping them to avoid failure.  But a true HIM will allow that person to experience failure so that they can learn from it.

To compensate for his dainty Achilles, Zima replaced each Burpee with 2 Merkins, giving him a total of 276 Merkins this morning.

It takes somewhere between 175-200 Merkins to get Zima to shut up about proper form.

Flobee enjoys the chicken biscuit at Crave.  He will not attempt to deceive you about this.

The week is not about to get easier.  Granola is on Q at the Morg tomorrow; don’t miss it!