November 14, 2018

Even Larry stayed warm in bed….

Gloomy, cold and light breeze.  Actual photo of certain PAX prior to start:

Image result for jack nicholson the shining

Welcomed, provided latex gloves and then disclaimed.

SSH x 21 (IC) to represent the feels-like temperature
Daisy Pickers x 10 (IC)
Arm Circles Forward x 10 (IC)
Arm Circles Reverse x 10 (IC)

Note to self that this has been basically become the default WoR for me.

Mosey to SkatePark to continue warm-up with Box Jumps (x30).

Mosey to Houston High parking lot.

Four Corner workout with escalating reps.  Three rounds as follows:

Corner 1 Corner 2 Corner 3 Corner 4
Round 1 Burpees x 10 / Sprint to C2 Jump Lunges x 30 / Bear Crawl to C3 Squats x 60 / Sprint to C4 Mountain Climbers x 100 (1 is 1) / Bear Crawl to C1
Round 2* Burpees x 10 / Sprint to C2 Merkins x 30 / Bear Crawl to C3 Carolina DryDocks x 60 / Sprint to C4 Shoulder Taps x 100 (2 is 1) / Bear Crawl to C1
Round 3 Burpees x 10 / Sprint to C2 BBSUs x 30 / Bear Crawl to C3 American Hammers (USA!) x 60 / Sprint to C4 Hello Dolly x 100 / Bear Crawl to C1

*For historical preservation purposes, it should be noted that a certain PAX decided to join at start of Round 2

Return to Skatepark (while saying our Irish Goodbyes to Billy Blanks) for second round of Box Jumps (x15) followed by Dips (x25)

Mosey to Endex

Upon return to Endex, it was discovered that the top half of ye ole shovel flag had fallen.

Penalty Burpees x 10

Aimless Standing Around for the last 30 seconds

16 (no FNGs): Billy Blanks, Halpert, Slicnut, Sully, Harbaugh, Nature Boy, Pops, CapriSun, Backseat, Granola, Proton (willy loman), Meter Maid, Captain Obvious, Rabbit, Snowman, 1040

My pastor on Sunday noted that God does not waste pain.  This concept is very personal to me.  My dad was a great dad.  He worked hard for his three children, loved us and doted on us and bent over backwards to help us.  However, he was a not believer in Christ and instead relied on his own “good works” and morality.  He actually had some disdain for Christians.  In October 2015, he went in for double-bypass surgery,  The surgery was successful but during recovery the surgical wound opened up.  Two additional surgeries happened in the subsequent weeks to fix the wound.  During the additional procedures and his extended hospital stay, the stress on his body was too much and he eventually passed in December 2015.  During that time, my older brother (who is a pastor) shared the Gospel with him and he accepted Christ as his Savior.  I truly believe that God used his pain to remove the scales from his eyes and soften his heart.  My mom asked me a while back how I handled those tough months in 2015 the way I did.  I told her that God gave me peace because he allowed dad’s temporary pain result in his acceptance of Christ.  I know that the temporary moment of pain gave way to eternal hope and that I will see my dad again one day.

I challenged the PAX to not necessarily embrace the pain, but humbly ask God what His purpose in that moment may be.

I appreciate Granola’s sojourn to the Levee to participate in my Q as well as his enthusiasm and attentiveness to the six.

Standard workout gear for the next few months will now include latex gloves, tights and ninja masks.

Discussion on social justice from a Christian perspective.  Check Slack for details.