July 2, 2018

Embrace the Ruck


The Morg: 73 degrees with a picture-perfect sunrise

F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER: Including what is the Mission of F3

>Rucks on
*SSH x 29 IC
*IMPERIAL WALKERS (moving in a circle clockwise as a unit) x 29 IC
*HILL BILLIES (moving in a circle clockwise as a unit) x 29 IC
(29 reps=29th day of month; go figure. Classic OP)

THA-THANG:  Basic Training

>Rucks on
>YHC had the PAX assemble in 2 columns, single file line; 1 column: 5 PAX, the other: 4 PAX
>Column on Right, facing north: Flag Bearer of Old Glory shovel flag (always remained in front)
>Column on Left, also facing north: Flag Bearer of F3 shovel flag (rotated front-back, back-front, never stationary)
>YHC led the PAX on Ruck March, as follows, with a sprinkling of beatdown:

  • PAX marched .33 mile…stopped…columns faced each other
  • PAX performed exercise: x 25 Squats IC
  • PAX rotated man in front; would hand shovel flag to man behind him and proceed to the rear of the column, back in formation; PAX who was previously 2nd from front assumed lead position in front of column. PAX resumed march.
  • PAX repeated this as follows:
    • Next stop (another .33 mile)/exercise: x 50 Squats while holding rucks against chests (arms through shoulder straps) as if these HIM were pregos but we know that can’t happen. At least not with this PAX. #Science
    • Next stop (another .34 mile)/exercise: 75 Imperial Walkers Squats
  • YHC led PAX over a bridge and paused for the PAX to plant shovel flags and secure some real estate for:
    • x 25 Dips IC
    • x 25 Incline Merkins IC
  • Resumed march. Stopped at .5 mile/exercise:
    • x 50 Hill Billy Squats
  • Resumed march. Stopped at .5 mile/exercise on bridge:
    • x 25 Dips IC
  • Resumed march. Arrived back at STARTEX.
    • Rucks off
    • Total milez: 2.2


*Big Boy Sit-Ups x 8 IC

9; Commie, Choker, Mr. Wonderful, Flobee, Bootheel, Orange Julius, Sleep Number, No Fuego and O Positive (YHC)


F3…has changed YHC’s life.  In so many ways to count.  YHC shared how Q’ing has helped build a renewed confidence in YHC’s ability to lead.  YHC highlighted how he struggled with recent anxiety over a large project-and I mean LARGE-at work but by asking for his own 15 year old son among others,  to pray for him-settled into a state of assured, self-confidence that F3-by God’s grace-has helped prepare him to tackle the project at hand.  And he did just that.  For that, YHC feels it a true privilege to lead a bootcamp with his brothers as he sees and feels his personal leadership developing, in the gloom which is carrying over into many other areas in his life, personally and professionally.  Admittedly, YHC is very intentional to step up and Q every other week/avg.  Being the Q-to YHC-means being ‘fully present’ and owning the opportunity.  Failure and fear to fail-Q’ing a workout-should not deter a man from Q’ing.  YHC challenged the PAX to step up and lead if they never have.  To step up and lead if it has been awhile.  Step up-with confidence-and lead their families, companies and communities.  #FreedToLead

Also reminded the PAX of the F3 Mission and the reason why the F3 Mission is important to remember.  With 450 +/- and counting it has become increasingly evident that not many can confidently and accurately recite the Mission and Core Values.  YHC challenged the PAX to consider, “Don’t get caught up ‘in the current’ (posting to work-outs out of habit) if you don’t know why you are ‘in the water’ (to grow and develop your leadership skills) in the first place.  YHC read Spurgeon passage from YHC’s daily devotional, ‘Morning and Evening’. 

**PAX prayers were lifted up.

This is a solid AO with PAX ready to work. This ruck work-out was a test drive.  YHC wanted to see PAX engaging one another in 2ndF during the march; hence the 2 columns.  It didn’t feel forced and fellowship was aplenty.  Beatdowns were challenging as the ruck was worn/used during each one.  And a little fun, too.  Really impressed with the PAX’s discipline to follow strict instruction-readying these PAX who might be participating in upcoming GrowRuck. Well done, brothers.  And the nice young woman *whoever you are*who stopped and saluted the Stars and Stripes during our march…Thank You.


  • Service Project: Chick-fil-A Family Picnic and Field Day on 6/30/18; see YHC for details.
  • GROWRUCK is coming to the Bluff City…9/21-9/23.