December 1, 2019

Embrace the ….everything.

6 Ruckers rucked

Pre-run>> Nature Boy and Sparky ran 4.29 trails to start the day.


Quick intro-disclaimo

Warm o rama

1 mile lake loop – warm up

1 mile lake loop – We all challenged ourselves to run a 85% ish mile to take stock of current health status

1 mile lake loop – recovery

1 mile lake loop – We raced our previous fast mile time

Only Speaker accomplished that goal.

The rest of us were about 15-25 seconds slower on 2nd mile.


COT>> “Embracing the suck” isn’t just about embracing the tough physical challenges we volunteer for. It’s also applies for real life applications when dealing annoying co-workers, nagging M’s and M’s in laws, crying babies on a roadtrip, traffic jams……  If you can ets in real life, you can most certainly est in the gloom.

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