July 29, 2019

Elevens, Two Ways at Ye Olde Forest

THE SCENE: Very dark, warm, and humid. Ideal conditions! What was less than ideal were my eating habits over the weekend. I went to see the Cardinals play with 46,000 of the Best Fans in Baseball. I think I consumed nothing but pork, potatoes, and beer between 9am Saturday and 2pm Sunday. 


SSH x20, Imperial Walkers x15, Daisy pickers x10, Hillbillies x15, Windmills x10

(We began the first set of 11’s, only I was the only one who knew!)

One burpee OYO / 10 merkins IC
Two burpees OYO / 9 merkins IC
Three burpees OYO / 8 merkins IC

10 burpees OYO / 1 merkin IC

PAX took a quick water break and lined up in the lot for an Indian Run. YHC gave directional instructions and we were off.

We moseyed around the playground to the extra-long concrete picnic table nearest East Pkwy. 

First up, 3 sets of: 8 split squats (each leg), 8 double box jumps (ground to bench to table)

11’s Round Two:
1 Big Boy Sit-up / up-and-over the table / 10 Carolina Dry Docks / up-and-over
2 BBSU / up-and-over / 9 Dry Docks / up-and-over

10 BBSU / up-and-over / 1 Dry Dock / up-and-over

The Queen was ANGRY with the King halfway through these. I was kinda hoping I’d pass out. Didn’t though.

Next, repeat the 3 sets from before: 8 split squats each leg, 8 double box jumps

S-L-O-W mosey back to the parking lot

Feet at 6″ while waiting on the six to arrive. Then we did…Freddie Mercuries x20, Gas Pumps x15, Hello Dolly x10, Flutter kicks x5

Altar Boy, Bottomless, TLC, Dewey, Lodge, Reaper, Snookie, Mudslide, Handsy, Tuco, Stripes, Mama’s Boy, One and Done, Soybean (QIC)

Whatever faith you follow, make time for it every day. YHC challenged the PAX to set their alarms 15 minutes earlier each morning to spend time in prayer/meditation. 

+ Evening workout this Wednesday at the Berm, 6pm
+ Iron PAX workouts are returning in September. Details in Slack. If you want to do the workouts at Old Forest, let Bottomless know.
+ 2nd Anniversary Workout coming up on Saturday, 8/17, 7am. Be there!