August 15, 2019

Earned, not given

THE SCENE: Full moon, 72 degrees, glorious sunrise over the farm fields surrounding the Cockpit.

Disclaimed, know your injuries, medical history, modify anytime, stop as needed.

Imperial Walkers IC 30, Hillbillies IC 20, Windmill IC 20, Overhead claps IC 20.
Mosey lap around around the track, 1 lap, to the playground. At the playground each pax performed 10 burpees, 10 bodybuilders, 10 pullups, 10 merkins. Rinse and repeat.

Second mosey lap around the track. 50 SSH followed by by 25 little man in the woods (Smurf Jacks).

Sprint 11s approximately 20 yard distance. Diamond Merkins at one end, Squats at the other end.

20 little man in the woods.

BBS 20 IC, LBCs 20 IC, WWI situps 15 IC, Freddie Mercuries (Photoshop), Plank 20 seconds.

Chastain, Lochte, Steinbrenner, Photoshop, Ricky Bobby, Pablo, Double Vision, Spirit Stick, Orange Julius (QIC)
The Roman soldiers made use of the Testudo (Tortoise) formation with their shields both during battle and for needs off the battlefield. The combined strength when all men were working together made the formation strong enough to drive a chariot across (according to Cassius Dio 3rd century Roman historian.) “Indeed, it is so marvelously strong that men can walk upon it and whenever they come to a narrow ravine, even horses and vehicles can be driven over it.”

The guerilla warfare, such as was seen during the Bar Kochba revolt in Judea during 132-135 AD, men could fight in narrow alleys, doorways, and from street-to-street. The strength of the Testudo comes when all men are working as a unit. In essence, when the sum total of their combined strength and abilities exceeded each ones individual efforts.

Often in F3, our day starts out with “mock battle” as each of us push each other along in the gloom. Working out regularly with our brothers creates a test of will, strength and ability that (hopefully) pushes us to go beyond are perceived limits.

But that is just our time spent on the 1st F. The 2nd and 3rd F’s are also an integral part that can’t be ignored. In my own life, the social aspects of F3 are beyond what I would obtain in my usual church and work life circles.

Tapping in to those aspects of F3 is what makes it “more than a workout.” As I am challenged on a weekly basis to be a better man, husband, employee, Christian so I would challenge others to also “lock shieds” with your brothers on a regular basis. Like the Roman Testudo, we can truly accomplish great things.


Levee men earned the ghost flag today. Great work men!

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