September 23, 2019

Early Game of the Doubleheader

Like the Morg, only earlier.  I made an offhand comment last night on Slack that people should come post at Blue Collar and then stick around for Shoestring’s Q at the Morg immediately after.  I didn’t think anyone would be stupid enough to actually do it.  Then Upgrade HC’d.  Then this morning as I pulled into the parking lot, I saw Shoe roll up right after me.  Too late now; I made my bed and would have to lie in it.



SSH x20 IC
Hillbillies x15 IC 
Windmills x15 IC
Arm Circles x10 IC each direction

4 sets of 3 exercises, with each exercise being 12 4-count reps.  Each set ended with a 1/2 mile ruck.  Each set consisted of one chest, one core, and one leg exercise (all either wearing or holding rucks).

Set 1:  Merkins, BBSU, Squats.
Set 2:  Carolina Dry Docs, Imperial Squat Walkers, Flutter Kicks.
Set 3: Overhead Ruck Press, Monkey Humpers, Hello Dollys.
Set 4: Ruck Curls, Tempo Squats, Ruck-to-Shoestrings.

Last two movements were shortened a bit, or we would not have made it back in time for the  2nd half of the doubleheader.

Sprinkled throughout.

8 PAX:  BAM!, Birds Are Real, Choker (QIC), Dawson, Farmer, O’Reilly, Shoelaces, Upgrade

I have learned this year that F3 works best for me when I have a specific goal or challenge to work on.  During the Equinox challenge and the Biggest Loser challenges, I found myself pushing harder and posting on days I wouldn’t have otherwise posted.  In between those challenges, I noticed myself slacking off a bit.  

Set a goal that stretches you past your normal routine.  Write it down and measure it as you go.  If you’re not moving forward, you’re falling back.

If you’re going to post twice back-to-back, don’t do it when Shoestring is the 2nd Q.

Rucked Monkey Humpers suck.

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