January 25, 2019

Dungeons and Derkins at the Ye Olde Annex

THE SCENE: Cold and dark as the Mines of Moria once the Fellowship entered, and just as still.


SSH IC x 20
Daisy Pickers IC x 20
Arm Circles IC Fwd x 20
Arm Circles IC Rev x 20
Hillbillies IC x 20

Meandering mosey on over to the Bert Ferguson Awning

We played a little session of Dungeons and Derkins, and I made the switch from Q to Derkin Master. Props to the M for the name! 
PAX were assigned the class called…PAX and were thrust immediately into a fight! Initiative was assigned and sometimes even remembered:
1) Slider (our Willy Loman from Birmingham!)
2) Speedy (AOQ)
3) Boba Fett
4) Third Wheel
5) Sonic
6) Photoshop
7) Park Bench (his first time at the Annex!)
8) YHC
Our brave and noble party squared off against a giant Bugbear!



How do you fight a Bugbear? With DeadBUGs and BEAR crawls! Fighting goes like this:

  • The PAX attack by all doing 10 deadbugs (on your six, raise opposite arms and legs alternatively, where one arm and leg up = 1 rep) and then bear crawling the length of a handrail outside the community center. This slight uphill climb is the same Photoshop subjected us to a few weeks prior, as most of the PAX well remembered.
  • After “All In”, one PAX (whoever’s turn it is), rolls a giant 6-sided die, numbered 1-6. The result is how much damage was done to the bugbear, who began the fight with 100HP.
  • Mosey on back to the start and deadbugs/ bear crawl again for the next strike!
  • Once all PAX get a turn, it’s the bugbear’s turn, and he hits us all for damage equal to the result of a nifty exercise dice.
  • PAX have a magic power: Once per workout, a PAX can reroll one die, one time, accepting the new result.

Round one recap: the PAX collectively did 34 Damage, leaving the bugbear with 66/100HP! The Bugbear hits us all with his mighty club for 1 Minute Wall Sit Damage!

We spend some of this round talking about bees.


Round two recap: the PAX are consistent warriors, collectively doing 33 Damage, leaving the bugbear with just 33HP Left! The Bugbear breathes fire on us, doing 20 Merkins of Damage!

We continue talking about swarms of bees and debate about the two planets we spotted in the southern sky, about which is Jupiter, and which is Venus.


Round three recap: Slider gets his first non-six roll of the fight and gets a one! He uses his magic power and gets…a one! PAX use their rolls and rerolls well, getting 4-6 points per roll. Finally, the bugbear has 8 points left, and Park Bench rolls a 5! With 3 HP left, and only YHC’s turn left (and no powers left) before the bugbear strikes again, YHC needs a 3 or higher…and gets a 6! Ain’t no kill like overkill! The Bugbear is crushed with 2 minutes to spare and there was much rejoicing! Mosey on back to the flag.

Total XP: 240 Deadbugs, about a 1/4mi. of Bearcrawling. LEVEL UP!

Just enough time for 10 Hello Dollies IC.

Slider (Willy Loman), Speedy (AOQ), Boba Fett, Third Wheel, Sonic, Photoshop, Park Bench, Roomba (QIC)

It is not Submission, Trust, or Obedience if you were going to do it anyway
A book I read a while back said that “God never commands anything that comes
easy to everyone”. The bible doesn’t say “Keep doing you.”
Submission to authority only happens when it’s something you don’t want to do.
The rest of the time, it’s just your will happen to fall in line with authority. It is no great act to not commit the same sins you never do (I have a 30-year streak on not killing people), but to resist the ones you realllly wanna do.
Likewise, trusting god only counts if you don’t know or don’t think things will
be okay. A positive attitude is great, but trust is only worth something when
your trust has no safety net.
These not only apply to god, but your families, government, and fellow humans.

Prayers for Physical Recoveries, Furloughed/Expecting Spouses, Slider’s work and return home to Birmingham.

On any given morning I really want to stay in the fartsack, but something is always the tipping excuse to go. Trying something dumb for Speedy’s GIFs, PLC, Signing a humourous flag featuring bananas. This morning, were I not already on Q, I’d be there for the mumblechatter alone. A nerd Q indeed. Talking about beekeeping and classes at the agricenter about them, astronomy, bedroom dice, critical fails, and a bunch of other things to keep each other motivated and entertained. 

We didn’t get a chance to use the sword I brought for a relay, but that will be left for Advanced Dungeons and Derkins next time.

Photoshop et. al. investigated a bunch of cars that accumulated in the west end of the parking lot while we were exercising. Turns out they were ROTC, meeting an army recruiter. Apparently, our form, flag, and callouts made them think we were actually army. I’m proud of us!

Missed Grimace this morning, hope he feels better.

Q source lunches are happing now at Whole Foods. Check the Preblast for times, and fill out the survey on Slack to help pick a time that works for the most people.

Crucible is coming up soon, and a “Basketsball Match” against someone named “Youcie Eff” is this Sunday. Equinox Challenge is underway. GO READ!

Go here for details: http://f3memphis.com/preblast-for-the-week-of-1-21-19