July 21, 2018

DTHT, Barracks, Friday 7/20

THE SCENE:  A pleasant 80 degrees and gloom greated us.  The scent of fresh cut grass blended well with the smell of the new rubberized track.

F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER   Given in full verbatim from F3 corporate.

Got down to it with Wake up Burpees; 10 OYO’s, x 3.  20 Side Straddle Hops. 20 Imperial Walkers.  1 minute Wall Sits, 1 minute Balls to the Wall (Toms did 1.5 minutes)

THA-THANG:  Broke in the New Track with Sprints

Circuit 1

  • Partnered up, Sprinting the Straight-aways
  • Lung Walk the Bends
  • Rope climb up the ROTC fun cords
    • modified with 20 rope pull-ups
  • 20 Carolina Dry Docks

Circuit 2 (repeat 1)

Circuit 3 (repeat 1)

Pickle Pavement Pounders x 20, Flutter kicks x 20, Rosalita x 20, American Hammers x 20, Dealers Choice; Little Baby Sit-ups, 2 more Straight Away Sprints

9 PAX & 1 FNG  Snookie, Cowbell, Teacher’s Pet, Goldilocks, Crayfish, Toms, Tomb Raider, Father Abraham, Soybean & Corningstone

Do The Hard Thing (DTHT)

Often we as men follow the path of least resistance, take the easy way.  We are called as men to often do the hard thing.  In 2 Samuel 23 Benaiah, one of David’s mighty warriors is described as a valiant fighter.  One of his deeds is that he killed a lion in a pit on a snowy day.  Benaiah hunted down and killed a lion who was corned in a pit on a snowy day.  He chose to do the hard thing and became the leader of King David’s personal body guard.  A leader is someone who often has to DTHT.

We often focus our day to day struggles on what NOT to do.  Don’t do this, Don’t do that, Don’t think this, Don’t say that.  When we focus on the DON’T DOs, the rule following, we end up screwing up and aren’t very compelling men to be around.  I think the greatest ‘sin’ is the missed opportunities, when we have a chance to DTHT and selfishly choose the easy way.  In theology they call this a sin of omission.

I find that when I’m living selflessly, outward focused and choosing to lay down self and put on humility, serving others, I don’t struggle as much with the DON’T DOs.  I encourage us all to chose to DTHT in our journey to become a HIM (High Impact Man) or in my personal faith, HIM is embodied in Jesus Christ, my Lord and Savior.

Prayers for Crayfish’s body of believers at Jacob’s Well, Ergo’s family and expectant little one, Father Abraham’s wife as she gets x-rays, and the Warrior Center brothers, Nick and Michael.

Get ready for GrowRuck.