February 21, 2018

Dry Bear Crawl Merkin Ladder

THE SCENE: 57 and wet

  • Cotton Picker IC x 15
  • Hamstring stretch
  • Groin stretch
  • Bear in the woods
  • Nancy Kerrigans IC X 10 each leg
  • SSH IC X 31

Pavilion Merkin Ladder

  • 20 merkins
  • Bear crawl around pavilion
  • 19 merkins
  • Lunge walk around pavilion
  • 18 merkins
  • Bear crawl
  • 17 merkins
  • Lunge
  • And so on…210 total Merkins

Ab exercise no one can seem to remember the name of…

PAX on thier sixes in a circle, legs at 90 degrees. PAX take turns going around the circle and pushing PAX feet toward the ground. Rinse and repeat until it hurts real bad.

  • LBC’s IC X 10
  • American Hammer (USA 1 Cadence)
  • 6″ holds X 1 minute
    7 PAX no FNG’s– Bookworm QIC, Pirtle, Handsy, Costello, Orange Julius, Phat Pat, Teacher’s Pet
    YHC shared about the short sightedness he often sees in his students, but deeply relates to himself. Too often, YHC chooses the route that is most convenient now rather than considering how the more challenging road will pay dividends in the future. The Sky Q often offers us a red pill that is hard to swallow to sharpen us into men of greater character.
    YHC planned to brave the rain and perform the Merkin Ladder under the open sky, but quickly sensed the PAX’s morale surrounding the possibility of staying dry under the pavilion, thus YHC called an Omaha and replaced the sprints in the ladder with bear crawls and lunges around the pavilion…YHC thinks the PAX would have preferred a little rain.
    VAPE Saturday at Coffeeteria…AYE!