April 13, 2018

Dropping T.U.R.D.S. at The Turd

THE SCENE:  60 degrees and amazing.  If you fartsacked, you’re wrong.

Not a professional, know your limits, yada yada.

SSH x20 IC
Hillbillies x15 IC
Daisy Pickers x15 IC
Arm Circles x15 IC (each direction)
Capri lap to far end of parking lot and back
Mosey to field

YHC believes that B.O.M.B.S is one of the best/hardest/worst exercise routines that he has experienced during his time in F3. However, one of the things that makes F3 workouts so effective is the concept of muscle confusion – doing different things each time. So, inspired by the outstanding Cordova AO at Bert Turd Ferguson Park, this morning the PAX utilized the B.O.M.B.S framework but inserted a new set of exercises.

Partner up. Perform following exercises until team total reaches amount stated below. Partner 1 performs the exercise while Partner 2 runs to flag planted in middle of the field and back. Flapjack until complete, then move to next exercise.

T: Tony Hawk Burpees x50 (burpee with 360 degree spin during jump)
U: Upright Row (with coupons) x100
R: Ranger Merkins x150 (merkins with hands below ribcage)
D: Dan Taylors x200 (1 rep = 1 squat plus 4 lunges, alternating legs)
S: Smurf Jacks x250 (SSH in squat position)

We discovered that 200 Dan Taylors takes a REALLY LONG TIME. Halfway through them we modified to 1 squat plus 2 lunges; three quarters of the way through we eliminated the lunges altogether. Still ended up having to cut Mary a little bit short.

Mosey back to STARTEX.

Thunderstruck (High plank for duration of “Thunderstruck” by AC/DC; perform merkin whenever you hear the word “Thunder”)

There was an immediate chorus of complaints as soon as YHC walked into the Mary circle carrying a bluetooth speaker. A few PAX in attendance had experienced YHC’s VQ a few weeks ago, and had very unpleasant memories of Roxanne. Much mumblechatter ensued over the next 3 minutes. The group was spared the last 2 minutes of the song due to the Dan Taylors having taken longer than expected during Tha Thang.

9 PAX: Choker, Hokie (RESPECT RESPECT), Jasmine, Orange Julius, Sleep Number, Slots, Soulja Boy, Speedy, Village People

EHing has been on my mind a lot since the recent King of the Bluff competition. I started F3 in January, and by the end of my 2nd or 3rd post I was totally hooked. It filled a hole in my life that I didn’t even know was there. Because of this, EHing was very easy. At times I’ve had to make a concerted effort to dial it down a notch to avoid becoming a pest about it. (Not that I ever take anything too far…)

But it has also recently occurred to me that I don’t show enough of this enthusiasm and fervor in sharing Christ with people I meet. This is another way that F3 is making us better; when we EH our friends to post to F3, we are exercising the same emotional muscles that we can use to share Christ with people who don’t know him. I’m challenging myself and the PAX to be more diligent about this.

Dan Taylors are not fast.
Slots, Speedy, OJ, and Soulja Boy are beasts.
The NE Kingdom is coming for that CollierTrill trophy. Be afraid.

4/16: GrowRuck Happy Hour, 5pm at Huey’s Germantown (F3 name: Burger King)
4/23: GrowRuck Happy Hour, 5pm at East End Grill, Bartlett (still a FNR)
4/24: GrowRuck Happy Hour, 5pm at Wiseacre Taproom
4/28: BrewRuck
4/30-5/1: Morg defends its KotB title
Q3: GrowRuck (date TBD)