February 26, 2018

Dropping BOMBS at the Levee

THE SCENE:  40 degrees and a foggy gloom on the football field.



Squats x15 IC slow count-down 3 counts up on 4

Arm circles x 10 count each–forward, backward, forward, backward

SSH x20 IC

SL RDL x10 each leg OYO

Calisthenics and mosey to field

Partner Up:

B.O.M.B.S. circuit. While one partner does an exercise at the goal line, partner 2 will run 100 yards and back. Once the cumulative number is hit of exercise, move to the next.

  • B= 50 burpees
  • O= 100 overhead claps
  • M= 150 merkins
  • B= 200 Big boy sit-ups
  • S= 250 total squats

When finished, partners will run backwards 100 yds and then forward 100 yds until Q deems it is time to head back to SF.

Mosey (not slow) back to Shovel flag

Dips IC 4 CT x15

Spiderman Push-ups x 20 reps (10 each side)

Shoestring led ABC’s IC 4ct

Hammock hold, flip on que to hammock until YHC called time (30 sec)

16 PAX, 2 FNG (Wide Right and Chip) . Shoestring, Wide Right, Chip, Soybean, Slots, Nature Boy, Pops, Rabbit, Captain Obvious, Snookie, Slicnut, Raven, Meter Maid, Cowbell, Moneybags
YHC talked about Titus 3:1-8. Work on putting these into practice because we who know Christ as our personal Lord and Savior did nothing to earn the heavenly prize set before us. We should be gentle to others and avoid any quarrels (besides fun banter of course). We are joint heirs in grace due to the Lord’s mercy. The section is full of action points that we can place in our lives today.

Prayer requests- Slicnut’s aunt-medical, Dirty Deeds-prayer for comfort as grieving, Chip’s wife-had an amputation 6 weeks ago. Pray for continued success but also getting use to the new way to do things going forward. Families in both Florida and Las Vegas that are struggling from losing loved ones and friends.

We all showed grace by not sticking with Wide Right’s original name. After working in sports, it can be taken very personal, especially in defeat (I still hate hearing “WE ARE MARSHALL” after losing a close game when i was a the athletic trainer for soccer at Memphis). It was a blast to see car after car roll up, even if only for the free oatmeal. We worked hard and didn’t take a lot of time for educational experiences (talking to you Lair) since we want to fill the 45 minutes of hard work.

2nd F opportunity in SIPNA to clean up storm gutters. This saturday from 9-12/1. Need man power and any work you can do to help clean out gutters to help prevent flooding. Good opportunity to help others while also meeting people who live near the Berm. Get those East Memphis hooligans.