February 2, 2021

Drag,Throw,Lift, Shove

Cold and Dark. General February Weather.  The wind was the worst of it. 27 degree windchill.  Could be worse, I guess.


High Knees during the welcome and disclaimer!

Countdown instead of Count Up:

20 SSH IC.  PAX were to count down from 20 instead of up from 1.

15 Deep Squats IC.  Count down.

10 Slow Daisy Pickers IC. Count down.

5 Burpees IC.  Count down.

This was taken more or less completely off of Bo Peep’s VQ of a few days earlier.  Total Toybox workout, which is why I stole it.  Great stuff.

PAX paired off. One odd man out (me).

Starting at a row of toys (55 lb Sandbag, 2 @32 lb CMUs, 2 25lb dumbbells, 2 @22 lb tires, @45 lb bucket, 40 lb slam ball, 35 lb single dumbbell, 30 lb slam ball, 30 lb ruck, @30 lb CMU, 28 lb tire with a rope,  and Teacher’s Pet brought out another Sandbag.

1 PAX of the pair would Murder Bunny, Rifle Carry, Shoulder Carry, Throw, Drag, or Bear’N’Block (as appropriate) to a line roughly 40 yards away.  PAX could then put down the toy and sprint back, or swap toys and return as appropriate, or keep the toy they started with and return as appropriate (hopefully modifying the exercise for variety’s sake).

2nd PAX of the pair went down a list of busy work while waiting  on the partner’s return:

Sit Ups,


Flutter Kicks,

Walk Downs,

Alarm Clocks,

Mountain Climbers,

Hello Dollys


Odd Man Out did 15 (I upped it to 20 halfway through) of the waiting exercises, then switched to the carry exercise, rinse and repeat.

With 4 minutes to go- everyone was instructed to pick an appropriate toy and Bear’N’Block (bear crawl while dragging, pushing, pulling, heaving a toy) and move to the far line.  At the end, everyone was asked to gather all the toys and carry them to the truck. (Thanks, guys! That would have taken me a minute to re-gather everything)

9 PAX- MIB, Ricky Bobby, Altar Boy, Teacher’s Pet, Bo Peep, Moth Balls, Climate Control, Chioccetti, Barnum.

Get Up.  Get moving.  I’m getting older, and before I started with F3, had a space of a couple of years between it and a previous boot camp I paid to be in.  In the intervening time, I got dough-y and gray. I felt like I was okay, and felt like I wasn’t too bad, and felt like I wasn’t too doughy and gray.  But I was, and I didn’t know it until I was in F3.  It’s easy to fool yourself as you get older. (and you WILL get older) So I enjoined the guys to think about how they feel right now, having finished a good workout fresh and early, and try not to let life, kids, wife, work and all prevent them from staying on top of their fitness.


Warmup- I took a page out of Bottomless’s book and had everyone count DOWN from the total number of reps instead of UP to it.  When you count DOWN, everyone knows exactly how many there are left to do, and it ‘feels’ easier to just keep going.  Hilariously, though, we’re trained to count UP, and it’s hard to shift gears.  I have no trouble making everyone shift gears- it seems hilarious, as was previously mentioned, and I think it does us some good to get our brains working in another mode.  Bottomless’s idea might be best served by doing an entire workout where we count down in cadence from some fairly high numbers to see if it allows the PAX to bull their way to 1, when if they were counting up they might pause.

I like Toybox workouts, and this one takes a lot of toys.  I just got a new sandbag and ruckplate carrier, aside from painting up a few CMUs for Bauer a couple of weeks ago, and the tires and slam-balls I’ve collected over time.  So, I was happy to field this sort of crazy thing.  I even worked out a new thing to do with two tires that I’d love to see spread around.  It’s a good Squat/Left Arm/Squat/Right Arm exercise. Don’t know if I can convince a lot of F3ers that they need to go find and keep a couple of old tires.

Technically, we could have done the whole thing with everyone doing solo work like the Odd Man Out, but I planned it as a pair-up in case more PAX showed up and didn’t want to worry about the toys running short, and let it roll the way it rolled.

Workout Date: