December 11, 2018

Dragon’s Breath n stuff at The Lair – Halpert Q – 12/11/18

THE SCENE: Frozen Fog advisory, 24° with a “feels like 20°“ disclaimer by the Weather Channel

Disclaimed, it’s friggin cold out, stretch well men.  No FNGs.

SSH x20 IC, Daisy Pickers x10 IC, Hillbillies x20 IC, stretch OYO for 2 min

Merkin Mile to kick us off.  One mile w/ 25 Merkins OYO each quarter mile to total 100 merkins and one mile.

Head up to soccer field for 100s x10.  PAX Sprint to the 50 yd line and jog second half field.  10-15 second breaks at each end.  Repeated to (10) 100 yd runs.

Mosey to hill in back of park for 11s.  Begin at top with 1 squat, 10 Carolina drydocks at bottom, alternate increasing in rep ct at top on squats up to 10 each trip and decreasing at the bottom on dry docks down to 1 rep.

Bat wings – little arm circles x25 (4 count), reverse little arm circles x25 (4 count), seal claps x25 (4 count), OH claps x25 (4 count).  Do all of these in sequence without dropping hands.


Thors to 5 BBSUs x 20 American Hammers

3 PAX, no FNGs – C-Lo, Utah, Halpert on Q


Romans 12:12 – “Have joy in hope, be patient in tribulation, and be constant in prayer.”

My uncle was admitted to ICU yesterday morning with pulmonary fibrosis, meaning his lungs won’t work on their own anymore.  I gave this verse to him to encourage him that we all have hope in Christ Jesus and what lies ahead.  This life in this world is a mere dot on the spectrum of eternity.  Have patience in tribulations and storms while remaining constant in prayer.  We all go through storms, but everything that happens in this world is for the good of His Kingdom and our sanctification in Chris Jesus.


More PAX need to man up and post in the cold.  We need to be EHing more.  Get one guy a week and imagine what kind of convergence we could have!