May 31, 2019

Down the Ladder

THE SCENE: The fog provided an extra sense of gloominess to the gloom. Shorts weather.


  • SSH IC X10
  • Merkin IC X5
  • Hillbilly IC X10
  • Mosey to pavilion

PAX went down the ladder starting at 100 reps and decreasing by 10 for each exercise, and then back up until time. Plank till all in after each movement. The exercises completed were were:

  • SSH IC X 100
  • Squats OYO X 90
  • Flutter Kicks OYO X 80
  • Merkins OYO X 70
  • BBS OYO X 60
  • Inverted Rows OYO X 50
  • Box Jumps OYO X 40
  • Dips IC X 30
  • Calf Raises IC X 20
  • Body Bag Builder Pullups X 10
  • Calf Raises IC X 20
  • Dips IC X 30

Definitely didn’t mosey back to StartEx, but we did mosey back to the flag.


  • Pickle Pounders IC X 20
  • Leg Climbers OYO X 20 (10 per side)

Roomba, Gun Show, Speedy, Grimace (on Q)
The mission of F3 begins with “To plant…” which must take place before the rest can follow.

Each time we have an FNG, we have already planted something. One of you has extended your influence as a HIM to someone who could benefit from F3. Whether that man becomes an FNG or thinks this isn’t for him, you have already planted the seed – That they are welcome to  do better, to have camaraderie, and to pray with other men.

During this morning’s workout, Speedy reached out to a father son duo who were jogging by and briefly told them about F3 and when we met. Will that small plant turn into something? Not every seed that is planted grows, but every seed that isn’t planted won’t grow.

This is congruent with the Great Commission, to GO out into all nations, to teach and to baptize. How will we grow and how will we serve without going and planting?

You know at least one sad clown. We all know men who would benefit from F3. They may hate it at first or they may love it, but if you found something good in F3, why shouldn’t someone else?

Go and plant so that we can grow and serve.

Bluetooth speaker we found was a hit this morning. It needs an F3 sticker.
Drink water.