January 28, 2019

Double Quarter Pounder Hold the Cheese

THE SCENE:  The PAX met near the area where the flag is usually planted.  It was a brisk clear 38F morning.  And to our delight Speedy emerged from the darkness with a shovel flag.
The PAX was welcomed and I disclaimed that Captain Obvious had a problem with his Dukie Chute so I was going to provide AOQ duties.  As we waited for Murse to show we began the warm-o-rama (see below)
Daisy Pickers IC X 15
Imperial Walkers IC X 15
Hill Billys IC X 15
Mosey to the parking lot adjacent to the Football Field
While waiting on Q to place cones at 25 yards PAX performend:
10 Pickle Pounders
10 Merkins
1/4 Pounder Hold the Cheese
Run 25 yards and perform 25 Merkins Run back to start
Run 50 yards and perform 50 squats run back to start
Run 75 yards and perform 75 mountain climbers run back to start
Run 100 yards and perform 100 SSH run back to start
Half Time Show
10 Burpees
Lunge walk 25 yards and back
2nd half
Double 1/4 pounder hold the cheese
(See above)
Run to Skate Park
20 Box jumps/step ups OYO
Bear Balls to the wall Right side then reverse to left side
Run back to Startex (flag)
Dealers Choice
S-Cargo Flutter Kicks IC X 15
Rocket Launcher Freddy Mercuries IC X 15
Snowman 1 lap around parking lot
Slicnut Jane Fondas IC X 10 each leg
14 Pax (1 FNG Krylon)
Daniel Chapter 1 and 2 provides insight into obeying God.  It says the Daniel “made up his mind” to obey God and not eat of the King’s food.  He obeyed God and went to the King to interpret the dream of King Nebuchadnezzar.  God blessed Daniel’s obedience.
Want God’s blessings?  Obey Him.  Want to obey Him?  You have to listen to what He is saying.  Get alone with Him and ready His Word to find out what you are supposed to obey.
I am glad I got the opportunity to lead this morning even though it was not planned.  I think God was preparing me for this the last couple of days.  I remember thinking that I need to remember some of the stuff from the COT above for a future Q.  I just didn’t know the Q was going to be so soon.  If you haven’t Q’d yet, I encourage you to step up and lead.
Noting was announced.  See Pre-Balst for more info on upcoming events.