July 1, 2019

Double Quarter Pounder at Arcadia

THE SCENE: Hazy and humid. YHC arrived early to set up the field of play and scope out the AO. Chuck E Cheese and Woody were pre-rucking. The PAX started arriving and at 0529, we walked over to the hockey rink.


We circled up in the rink and did the following: SSH x25; plank jacks x25; smurf jacks x20

Mosey to the multi-purpose field about a quarter mile away, stopping half way for some planks and shoulder taps.

Circle up at the District 5 shovel flag.

Daisy pickers x10; Imperial walkers x15; Hillbillies x10

YHC drew the imaginary field outline for the PAX. Starting at the shovel flag, 5 burpees, bear crawl across ~30 yards; 5 burpees, run ~100 yards; 5 burpees, bear crawl ~30 yards; 5 burpees, run ~100 yards back to the flag.

Next, the PAX lined up on the first cone for a Quarter Pounder!

Sprint 25 yards, 25 merkins, backpedal to start
Sprint 50 yards, 50 squats, backpedal to start
Sprint 75 yards, 75 mountain climbers, backpedal to start
Sprint 100 yards, 100 SSH, backpedal to start

After each increment, the PAX did flutter kicks or held plank while waiting on the six. The field was fairly soggy (I guess Germantown still hasn’t figured out drainage). Many PAX were struggling to keep their footing on the mountain climbers, and we may have torn through a good bit of grass. 

Round 2!

Sprint 25 yards, 25 Carolina dry docks, backpedal to start
Sprint 50 yards, 50 squats, backpedal to start
Sprint 75 yards, 75 LBCs, backpedal to start
Sprint 100 yards, 100 calf raises, backpedal to start

Grab the cones. Grab the shovel flag. Short mosey to the playground. Pair up.

Partner 1 did 10 box jumps while Partner 2 did 5 pull-ups. 4 rounds (20 pull-ups, 40 box jumps). In hindsight, pairing up was completely unnecessary. 

Mosey aalllll the way back to the hockey rink for Mary.

Flutter kicks x40; V-ups x10; 45 second low plank hold

Rain Out, Chuck E Cheese, Landline, Rainbow Warrior, Innuendo, Black Diamond, Runner Up, Gun Show, Hot n Ready, Woody, Slots, Blart, Tremor, Grimace, Maverick, Soybean (QIC)

F3’s mission is the plant, grow, and serve small men’s workout groups for the invigoration of male community leadership. F3 does this, in part, by providing men an opportunity to lead workouts and get comfortable with leadership/responsibility. YHC encouraged the PAX present to get on the Q schedule and take the lead.

Great morning at our newest AO. YHC thinks the Arcadians should decide on a uniform parking standard. T-CLAPS to Slots, Halpert, and others for leading the charge to start a new location.

4th of July convergence Thursday at the Mothership – 6:30-7:15 AM
Saturday’s Mothership workout will be 2.0 friendly