November 8, 2018

Double qtr pounder, hold the mayo at the Levee

THE SCENE: Pleasant morning. I left my humble abode at 0505 and proceeded to hit every light between there and the Levee. I told CPT Obvious to start on the 50 burpee warmup without me, but as I was getting out of my car, I just heard what I thought was the disclaimer. As I approached the circle, I asked CPT Obvi if he had, in fact, given the disclaimer. He responded in the negative, and so I…

F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER: …welcomed the PAX and disclaimed the disclaimer…no, that’s not right. 

We completed what has become a standard warm-up circuit for me. Is that bad? Boring? I don’t know. It’s effective. 

SSH x20, Daisy Pickers x10, Windmill x10, Imperial Walker x15, Hillbilly x15

LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONNNNNGGGG mosey to Landers Field brought to you by Principle Toyota.

Double Quarter Pounder – The First Patty:
Sprint to 25 yd line, 25 merkins OYO, run backwards to goal line
Sprint 50 yds, 50 squats OYO, run back
Sprint 75 yds, 75 mountain climbers, run back
Sprint 100 yds, 100 SSH, run back

The Second Patty:
Sprint 100 yds, 100 LBCs, run back
Sprint 75 yds, 75 flutter kicks, run back
Sprint 50 yds, 50 squats, run back
Sprint 25 yds, 25 Carolina dry docks, run back

Burpee catch-me-if-you-can: Partner up. P1 runs backwards down the field. P2 does 3 burpees then sprints to catch P1. Swap until you reach the opposite end zone. Repeat going back down the field.

Line up on goal line. Bear crawl across field. Bear crawl back.

Long mosey back to start, wall sit while we wait on the six.

Big boy sit-ups, pickle pounders, LOLs

17 (1 FNG – RBG)

Men should be accelerating in their fitness, fellowship, and faith. You have to plan to accelerate, and you ought to plan how to accelerate daily in each of the three Fs. Leaders cause those in their lives to move towards advantage, and you ought to have a plan to lead the people under your influence. Go make your plans.

I’m “sorry” that this BB took “so” long to “publish”. Murse parked in the road next to the stadium, despite there being a parking lot right next to the road. I assume GPD applied a boot, but I didn’t stick around after to find out. On an unrelated note, Murse was going to court that day for a speeding ticket.