January 7, 2020

Double QPs w/ Cheese and a side of BOMBS

Dark, 38 degrees, Gloomy




10 burpees OYO (I love starting with this, it always gets mumble chatter)


10 Daisy Pickers IC

20 Imperial Walkers IC

20 Arm Circles (10 forward/10backward) IC

30 second personal stretch OYO

Introduced many of the PAX to Quarter Pounders with Cheese. Each PAX grabbed 2 bricks (cheese) and we performed the exercise on the turf field.

Run 25 yard and do 25 Merkins

Backpedal to startex

Run 50 yards and do 50 Squats

Backpedal to startex

Run 75 yards and do 75 Mountain Climbers

Backpedal to startex

Run 100 yards and do 100 SSHs

Backpedal to startex

Planked until all in and then asked what’s better than a QP w/cheese? No correct answers were given, so PAX were told the answer “A Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese”.

So we did it all again.

After finishing round 2 we partnered up and performed BOMBS. PAX who brought rucks used them and PAX who didn’t used CMUs. One partner ran with a coupon to 50 yard line and back while the other performed the exercise AMRAP.

Big boy sit-ups with coupon

Overhead presses with coupon

Merkin pull throughs with coupon

Bench presses with coupon

Squats with coupon

Mary is all about core, but I figured we could make it harder and add arms and chest to it. We performed the Merkin Wave. All PAX circled up in plank position, each performed merkins clockwise. We started with 1 each around the circle and ended with 10 each. We actually went 1 minute past, but finished the last round complete. Everyone was smoked after this one. Holding plank that long and adding pushups is not humanly possibly. Tomorrow we will all be sore.

No FNGs. PAX present in recorded order: Slater, Hello Kitty, Stephen King, Sideline, Skids, Utah, Iced, Landline (QIC)

Eliminate decisions to create new habits. The average human performs approximately 35,000 decisions per day, 2,500 on food alone. No wonder we are mentally drained at the end of the day. Eliminate some of those decisions by making them habits. You don’t decide if you’re going to brush your teeth in the morning, you just do it. Create those habits to add efficiency to your daily routine


Random thoughts: why do people still have Christmas lights up? It’s been 2 weeks people! Why are woodchucks named woodchucks if they don’t eat/chuck wood? My EDC backpack feels like a feather after starting up rucking. Tom Brady should retire after that pick 6 to the Titans.

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