October 29, 2019

Double QP – Supersize Me

THE SCENE: YHC was running a wee bit behind. When I arrived at the AO, most of the PAX were standing near the flags. I quickly and precisely set up a ~100 yard field with 25 yard cones. Confession: The last 10 yards or so were downhill, so I shortened the field a little bit. I don’t think the PAX minded. Then I quickly ran to scout a hill location that we didn’t end up using! Time to begin!



First up, a plain old quarter pounder. Sprint to each cone, perform the stated exercise, backwards run back to start to wait on the six.

25 yd – 25 merkins
50 yd – 50 squats
75 yd – 75 Mountain Climbers (2 is 1)
100 yd – 100 SSH

Gomer gave us a 10 count when we were all done.

Next, we added a patty and then supersized the exercises! 

25 yd – 25 burpees
50 yd – 50 Bonnie Blairs (2 is 1)
75 yd – 75 groiners
100 yd – 100 smurf jacks

The quads were burning!

We had about 8 minutes left. I scrapped what I had planned (burback mountain) because the mosey would take too long. Instead, we did the Derkin 250. Partner up. P1 does a lap around the covered driveway. P2 does derkins (feet on curb). Swap until the pair completes 250 derkins. One pair finished. With 2 minutes left, we all did 25 more derkins and that was that.

No time.

Seven (7) PAX

Was not very prepared this morning for COT, but productivity and work have been on my mind a lot recently. Most men are task oriented. In order to be effective, you need a method of capturing tasks and tracking them to completion. Otherwise, you’ll miss stuff or stress yourself out wondering if you’re missing stuff. Find a system that works for you and stick with it.

Great morning at the Annex, as usual. Great to meet DHL and Big Green. Shout-out to Grimace and Big Green for the pre-game tire pull. Shout-out to Gun Show for the coffee and nanners. 

Eli Grow 8K run/ruck this weekend. You can participate virtually if you can’t make it to Tullahoma.