June 27, 2018

Double 11s

THE SCENE: A beautiful summer Memphis morning. Full moon was even out for the preruck.
Mosey around the building
Shoulder Taps x 10
SSH x 10 IC + 10 silent count
YHC failed to count SSH correctly. 10 penalty burpies for all PAX

Mosey to the birdhouse poles (roughly 15 yards apart). The PAX noted the atrocious mowing job left large mounds of grass clippings between the bird houses and suggested an alternate location, but their suggestions fell on deaf ears.

11s – burpees + merkins
Crab walk downhill, bear crawl uphill
Crab walks were quite distasteful so I called an Omaha and switched to lunges mid-way

11s – BBUs + Bobby Hurleys
Mosey between poles

The birds (presumably that lived in said birdhouses) were quite disturbed by our presence and flew around throughout the 11s. Thankfully, no bird poop was observed.

Mosey to nearish startex but stayed in grass for Mary
Hello Dolly x15
Rosalita x15 (Lil Nicky expelled enough gas to inflate the Hindenberg which made keeping the cadence count nearly impossible.)
Dealer’s choice:
* Lil Baby Crunches x 25 (Snookie)
* Freddy Mercury x 20 (Lil Nicky)
* American Hammer x 20 (Snookie)
* Cockroaches x 20 (Lil Nicky)
* Flutterkicks x 30 (YHC)

3 Snookie, Lil Nicky, Spaker
DOLPHIN: The Task a person was born to do best.
I’ve been reflecting on what I want to do with my life for the better part of 5 years. It turns out I’m pretty good with computers. At church, we studied Ecclesiates and I had a good think on meaninglessness and there is real danger in deriving your value from your work. However, there is also opportunity to miss out on what you should be doing by perpetual chasing “meaning”. 
That Rosalita moment was something to behold. YHC is still chuckling about it which probably speaks to my maturity level. 
Thanks to Toms I have really come to appreciate small workouts. There’s a different energy about them but they are fun in their own way. Nonetheless, I encourage more PAX to post tomorrow.