September 28, 2020

Dora’s, CMUs and Such in the Cool Breezes

Dark, cool (in the 60s), northerly breezes, dry (despite the ominous forecast) – in sum, just about perfect!


Done. No FNGs. Emphasis on the part about modifying, since I’m an expert.

Motivators – countdown from 5 IC

Slow Daisy Pickers – IC x 15

Hillbillies – IC x 12

Arm Rolls (forwards and backwards) – IC x 20 forwards, IC x 10 backwards

Mosey around parking lot back to Startex

Tempo Squats – IC x 12

Windmills – IC x 12

Hand-Release Merkins – 10 OYO

1-Minute Stretch OYO

PAX partnered up for Dora using CMUs (Partner 1 / Partner 2). Partner 1 performed Exercise “a” while Partner 2 performed Exercise “b”, and exchanged positions until Exercise “a” reps were completed.

Exercise 1: a. CMU Squats x 100 / b. Mosey around parking lot loop.

Exercise 2: CMU Curls x 100 / Lunges to parking lot end and mosey back.

Exercise 3: CMU chest presses x 100 / Karaoke to parking lot end and mosey back.

Rinse and Repeat

Completed about 2.5 circuits before Mary called at 6:05.

You betcha!

Pickle Pounders – IC x 15

Abe Vigodas – IC x 20

High-Plank Hold – 25 secs

Flutter Kicks – IC x 15

Boat Hold – 25 secs

LBCs – IC x 20

Windshield Wipers – IC x 12 (led by Dial Up)

Low-Plank Hold – 30 secs until time

10 PAX: Sun Drop, Boudreaux, Slicnut, Guvnah, Carver, Dial-Up, Red Light, Hoya, Oneder, Paper Cut

Part A – Register to vote (if not registered) and vote if registered. Civic responsibility and privilege. Opting not to vote is giving up your right to complain about the vote.

Part B – Rhetorical question: Who is your G(g)od? Lesson from a local pastor … it just might be the last thing you thought about as you went to bed and the first thing you thought about when you awakened. Could be F3, family, sport, politics, some material possession, or God. From the perspective of a Christian, keep God as your first priority – your last and first thoughts. Self admission … my god was F3 last night and this morning.

Prayers for the family of a friend of Red Light’s, who passed away recently.

Fun VQ experience. I actually enjoyed it more than I thought I would, and found myself having a bit more physical pep than usual (i.e., not much modifying!). Great group of PAX – thank you for your support and encouragement! Kudos to Boudreaux for his leadership and for my invitation to VQ.

Boudreaux says it’s high time for Levee to reclaim KOTB next week!!

Sun Drop
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