September 11, 2018

Doracides over The Annex

THE SCENE: Crisp n Cool.
F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER: given and proclaimed to all. 

SSH x 20: ARM CIRLCES x 20: HILLBILLIES x 20: WINDMILLS x 20 (all in cadence). Usain Bolt 45: Walking Merkins x 5 (4 count on curb left side with one hand on curb one hand on lot, center, right side like the left, back to center) mosey
Doracides: paired up one pax handles the count while partner sprints to 1st cone 1 merkins and back, then to 2nd cone for 2 merkins, 3rd cone for 3 merkins.

  • 100 merkins
  • 200 LBCs
  • 300 Squats
  • 400 Plank jacks
  • 8 count body builders till all in! Not fun.

All in cadence

Hello dolly x 20, Freddie Mercury x 20. ROOMBA SSH x 20, GRIMACE Merkins x 13, HARBAUGH high hello dollys x 20, HARBAUGH LBC x 20
4 pax Roomba, Grimace, Harbaugh, Speedy
YHC has had a relatively challenging week. Pretty much one thing after another, mostly 1st world problems. All things work together for the good. You can view adversity negatively or move through it positively. All life’s issues will prepare you for what is ahead, so face them head on. Look for ways you can impact. The lives of others through what you are dealing with. Love the persistence of the pax that post. I’m always encouraged so see faces in the gloom, great comaradarie. They are always pushing to be better. Onward!
Roomba got his Flux capacitor fixed. We heard a crack as he flew into the scene to even us out!

The jumpers of 911 were mentioned. A bleak recall of what happened my freshmen year of college. Kudos to those who made it to the ruins. Thank God it wasn’t with turnout gear on.
Grow ruck

Annex schedule is shifting to Tuesdays and Fridays in October!