July 23, 2018

Dora at the Morg

  1. THE SCENE: 75 degrees and worderful for a workout today.

Welcome my name is Sleep Number I’ll be your Q for the next 45 mins  I am not a professional, I am not being paid to be here. You are not paying to be here. We are here to workout and grow and get stronger together. Push yourself but don’t hurt yourself. You know your body better than anyone else so modify when necessary.


SSH x10 IC

Imperial Walkers x 15 IC

Little Arm Circles x 10 IC (forwards and backwards)

Daisy Pickers x 10 IC

Short mosey over to the adjacent field


Since this was my VQ YHC wanted to keep things simple with DORA 1-2-3, with a little twist. PAXs partnered up in teams of 2 for a combined count of 100 merkins, 200 BB Sit-ups, finishing with 300 squats.

While one performed the exercise the other ran 35 yards and performed an exercise. 5 SSH during merkins, 3 imperial walkers during sit ups, and 1 burpee during squats. As teams finished they would help out others until we were all in. 

Once all in PAXs held high plank for a 60 sec count followed by a recover 10 second count. PAXs moseyed to the pavilion where we all did a 60 sec wall sit against the beams. Dips x 15 IC, Wall Sit for 60 sec, Dips x 10 IC, Durkins x 10 IC. Mosey back to the field. Lunge walk 35 yards. Right side slide shuffle 35 yards, Left side shuffle 35 yards. Mosey back to the flags for Mary

LBC x 25 IC

Hold feet 6in off ground for a 60 count

Pickle Pounders x 20 IC (No eye contact)

Dealers Choice (Choker) Oh Yeahs x 10 IC (each side)
14 PAXs (2 – FNG Sundial, Gilligan)  Phat Pat, Woodpecker, Carport, Choker, G-String, Giant, Wall Builder, Bootheel, Orange Julius, Flowbee, Cheesesteak, Sleep Number

F3 has been a wonderful opportunity for me to grow and to get to know other men in my community. My focus today was on the 3rd F of F3. Its great to get in the physical exercise but we need to be putting in the time with our Heavenly Father. Not only do we need to spend time with HIM and in HIS WORD, we need to be spending time with other, either being discipled or descipling others while being accountable to each other. Find someone who you can trust, share life with them and work on a relationship that will help both of you grow closer to God.

Mentioned Faithwalk Mid South this September. www.faithwalkmidsouth.org. Go check out the website. It was a life changing experience for me. Contact me if you would like more info or if you have questions.
The Dora 1-2-3 was one of the first workout routines I did when joining F3 and I wanted to see how YHC would fair after being in F3 for 5 months.  It was much better than the first time for sure.

GrowRuck is coming get your deposit in by Aug 1.

A Sim to prep for GrowRuck this Saturday. Watch for announcements on Slack.