December 5, 2020

Door 1 or 2

Gloomy with a hint of a warm winter day. 34 degrees at showtime. Beautiful sunrise. Lots of virtual St. Juders around.

Given with a quick reminder of the 5 core principles

SSH x20 IC
Merkins x10 IC
Imperial Walkers x10 IC
Hillbillies x10 IC
Mosey lap around the parking lot

Around the lake with a few stops.
1st – 15 Irkins, 15 Dirkins, 30 dips

PAX were asked to select “who’s the strongest PAX here?” Chef
Chef was asked: “Door 1 or Door 2” Selected choice in bold
1: Burpees x 20 OYO
2: Monkey Humpers x25 IC

Mosey to next good stopping point (approximately .25 mile)
Who’s the funniest PAX present? Farmer
1: Monkey Humpers X25 IC
2: Burpees x20 OYO

Who’s the newest PAX present? Turkey Leg
1: Bolt 45
2: Bonnie Blair x20

Which PAX has been in F3 the longest? Snookie
1: HRM x25 OYO
2: BBSU x25 OYO

Who’s the oldest PAX present? Nature Boy
1: Box Jumps
2: Step Ups

Who’s the smartest PAX present? Orange Julius
1: Clock Merkins
2: Clock Merkins (You gotta take advantage of a good clock hill 🙂

Which PAX hates running the most? Snookie
1: Sprint down/back once
2: Spring down/back twice

Which PAX Qed most recently? Farmer (earlier today!!)
1: SSH x25 IC
2: Smurf jacks x25 IC

Who’s the longest serving active AOQ present? Tremor
1: Charge the hill for Mary
2: Take the ramp

Hello Dolly x15 IC
Pickle Pounders x15IC
Flutterkicks x20IC
Freddie Mercury x15IC
Rosalita x15IC (Squeegee ran thru at this point and Farmer said “I’m not wearing any panties” … odd)
Burpees x10 OYO
Hold Low Plank


Sometimes in life we get to make the choices. Sometimes we have a choice, but we don’t have clear line of sight into what that choice means. Control what you can control. You can always control your effort and your attitude.

Bountiful mumblechatter. Love him or love him, you have to admit Farmer is a tenacious encourager. He encouraged literally every St. Jude virtual runner we passed (approximately 75). After Qing the first ever Farmer WOD at the Barracks this morning, I have to admit I was impressed that he brought such energy to random strangers circling the park.

Lots of 345ers this week including Gepetto and Oneder grabbing their first! Chef has so many that he has a special notch paint on his CMU.

Lochte is guaranteeing victory on December ruck miles challenge. It’s pretty clear that Zima and Upgrade don’t stand a chance of catching him.

Snookie talks like he hates running, but I know deep down inside he really loves it.

New Year’s day convergence coming up at the mothership.

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