October 19, 2018

“Don’t look me in the eye when doing the pickle pounder…”


Clear skies and based on the relative shrinkage, I would say around 45 degrees.


Welcomed and disclaimed.


SSH (IC) x 20
Daisy Pickers (IC) x 15
Arm Circles forward (IC) x 10
Arm Circles reverse (IC) x 10
Mosey Lap around the parking lot

Indian Crabwalk with alternating flutter kicks and BBSUs.  PAX yelled “Larry” to signal the six to start crabwalking.


Declining Pickle Pounder sets from 50-40-30-20-10 with a mosey between each set. PAX held plank until all in.  (Aforementioned shrinkage was relevant with this exercise).

Declining Box Cutter sets from 30-20-10 with a mosey between each set.  PAX held Al Gore or Plank until all in.

In partners:
(1) One partner bear crawls across parking lot from curb to light post while other partner performs American Hammers (2 is 1), alternating until each team performed 100.
(2) One partner lunge walks across parking lot from curb to light post while other partner performs Dying Cockroaches (2 is 1), alternating until each team performed 80.
(3) One partner lunge walks across parking lot from curb to light post while other partner performs ABCs (2 is 1), alternating until each team gets through all 26 letters (no penalties assessed if PAX needed to sing the alphabet song to get through the exercise).

Ring of fire – PAX were shoulder-to-shoulder in Merkin position.  One PAX would peel off and bear crawl around ring clockwise while PAX alternated the following exercises:  Shoulder Taps, Hands-free Merkin and (after flipping to six) LBCs


Just enough time for one more mosey lap around the Levee parking lot.


13: Renfro, Captain Obvious, Woody, Harbaugh, Dial-Up, Nature Boy, Meter Maid, Billy Blanks, Slicnut, Pronto Pup, C-Lo, U-Rock, 1040


Recently, my M and I were traveling to Kentucky to see my brother and his family.  For much of the trip my M was quiet which I knew meant I did something wrong.  I finally got her to open up and she told me how I always talking about locking shields and praying with other men in a men’s group I lead and how I am passionate about F3 where we also lock shields.  She noted that both of those are great things but then revealed the fact that I rarely do that with her.  Gut punch but needed.  I encouraged the PAX to lock shields with their M’s, not just praying with them or in proximity to them, but to wrap them in their arms around, fully embrace and draw them close as they seek God’s grace, mercy, guidance and comfort in navigating life.  Locking shields with your M regularly will allow the Holy Spirit to soften each of your hearts towards each other and hopefully will make navigating strain, strife and stress in the relationship easier.


I am always impressed/inspired by the effort and ability of our more seasoned PAX.

T-Claps to U-Rock coming prepared to take the Levee pic to the next level (which I didn’t think possible).  Thanks Camera Q.

Enjoyed the coffeteria with my brothers afterwards.


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