May 2, 2018

Dodgin’ Copperheads in the Old Forest

THE SCENE:  Humid. Very Humid.

PAX: Teacher’s Pet, Big City, Meatball, Captain Obvious, Pirtle, Crayfish, Handsy, Mighty Joe Young, Goldilocks, Jasmine, Extended Stay, Mothball, Bottomless (VQIC)

F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER: did that (with some help from Pirtle, who did warn us all of recent copperhead sightings in Old Forest within the last few days.  Crayfish with validation and reminisced of past copperhead run ins)

Side Straddle Hops x 25,  Daisy Pickers x 15, moseyed through Old Forest (0.3 miles) and stopped  once with holding squat til all in, Mercans x 10, continued mosey through Old Forest dodging copperheads (as warned by Pirtle) (0.2 miles) to the Greensward at Overton Park.

Partnered up in 5 groups of 2 PAX with 1 group of 3 PAX.

Description of “Triangle”: Each PAX would start at one point of the triangle and hop on 1 leg to one point; PAX would then lunge to the next point of the triangle; PAX would then hop on the alternate leg to complete the triangle.

While 1 PAX did the Triangle, his partner would be trying reach the goal of 500 total reps of the following exercises: Squats x 2 sets, Burpos x 2 sets, Lt. Dan(s) x 2 sets, Mt. Climbers x 2 sets (late add on of Ballerinas).  After both PAX completed the triangle, they would start the next exercise until each PAX had done all 5 exercises.  Most PAX completed 425-475 total reps, but due to limitations in time, we moseyed back to OF Pavilion for MARY.  Stopped once and did 10 Mercans until all in.  We had to do 10 penalty burpees for a flag drop as well.  We then continued to dodge copperheads as we weaved through OF back to the Pavilion. (Total of 2 miles per FitBit prior to MARY).

LBCs x 31 (1 additional due to groaning at 26 from some PAX), ABC’s, Dolly x 15, Jane Fonda x 15 on each side, Freddie Mercury x 15

Lucky number 13, no FNGs
YHC shared his testimony of cyclical struggle of “Sad Clown Syndrome” and discussed the importance of a strong community of men in his life that were encouraging him, challenging him, and holding him accountable to bring him out of these sad clown seasons.  Discussed the idea behind the set up of today’s workout that while we are enduring one struggle (i.e. the triangle) there are men in our lives that are waiting to bear that load with us even if more struggle is waiting for us.  Challenged by Soybean’s reminder of being a “Disrupter” at the Sandlot yesterday, the PAX were challenged to be that for men in their families, workplaces, communities that don’t even realize that they need this type of community.

Prayer request for Teachers Pet’s brother (Jared)
Today was my VQ.  I was very appreciative of each of the PAX encouragement throughout the workout and it felt like everyone was encouraging each other well.  It was definitely a different experience leading the group, but I did leave with a greater appreciation for those that Q regularly as well as a deeper sense of ownership and involvement in this group.

Very appreciative for Crayfish getting me involved in F3 and T-clap to Captain Obvious for coming from Wardova to be apart of my VQ.
No announcements.  Special thanks to Teachers Pet for providing PLC after and for sending me info related to posting this BackBlast.

During the photo and PLC, we did have a pretty large spider join the party.  Not a spider expert, but it was sizable.  He/she did enjoy the coffee.