February 6, 2018

DodgeBullet in the #WarDova

THE SCENE: A warm, gloomy 35° – Phat Pat on Q

30x Side Straddle Hops IC
10x 8-Count Body Builders IC

*Had a short interruption by the Po-Po looking for last week’s suspects* #FakeNews?

15x Star Jacks OYO (or “Reggae” as Gus calls it)
20x World War II Sit-ups IC

Wander Moseyed over to the field


I’m Up! – He Sees Me! – I’m Down!
First iteration of DodgeBullet in the #WarDova came as the super fun evolution from GrowRuck 05 in Chatty. PAX lined up on one end of the field. On the command of YHC we sprinted, I then shouted “He sees me” and “I’m down,” at which point the PAX got to the ground ASAP to dodge sniper fire. Then YHC shouted “I’m up” and the PAX sprinted again. Rinse and repeat until you get across the field. Move as a unit, do not pass the Q!

The ever-gazelling Granola Q’d the PAX back across the field. Breathing was hard, 30 count break, then Moseyed to the playground, and performed 5 Pull-ups or 10 Rows OYO (or “Reggae” as Gus calls it) so the PAX could lock in a good spot for our next evolution…

“If you can dodge a [bullet] you can dodge a ball!” (RIP Patches O’houlihan)

We had 6 PAX this gloomy gloom. Three PAX were the Gunners and three were the Dodgers. The Gunners had to squat walk with their arms in rifle formation seeking to hunt the Dodgers. The Dodgers had to Broad Jump everywhere to get away.

If a Gunner had clear line of sight on a Dodger then they had to say the PAX name and the exercise designated to them. If they called both out before the Dodger could hit the deck then the Dodger had to perform that exercise, and afterwards they became the Gunner with that exercise.

The Exercises
* 5 Bodybuilders
* 5 Pull ups  (modify to 10 Rows)
* 10 Star Jacks (squat then jump with arms and legs out in an X pattern)

I’m Up! – He Sees Me! – I’m Down!  (2nd Time)
At 0600 we moseyed back to the field and performed I’m Up! He Sees Me! I’m Down! again. Only this time we Broad Jumped across the field and Moana Q’d us. Broad Jumps turned into Baby Bunny Hops by the end. We Side Shuffled back and Cow Bell Q’d us, which brings us to our surprise moment of the morning…

Cow Bell was REALLY FAST and Q’d with ZEAL! YHC anticipated a slower Side Shuffle and was going to call out a deep squat shuffle, but was pleasantly slapped across the face by Cow Bell’s Q-drenaline. T-Claps Cow Bell!

PAX then moseyed backwards around the playground for two laps and planked until ALL IN.

30x American Hammers IC (Q cadenced with “U-S-A” instead of 1-2-3)
40 BBSU OYO (or “Reggae” as Gus calls it) 6-inch hold until ALL IN
30x Flutter Kick IC (crying started around 21 count & continued through Mary)
15x Hello Dolly IC
10x Pickle Pounders IC

6 PAX, no FNG’s

A simple challenge to the HIM to remove something from their evenings that they enjoy / spend too much time on to better serve the M and shorties. For YHC this has been any media on our phones from dinner to shorties’ bedtime. This has resulted in much more meaningful time together as a family the past few weeks. Soybean has also committed to this upon reading it here.

YHC had lots of fun Q’ing this gloom. Squatting and going downstairs is currently hard. Cow Bell’s surprise Side Shuffle attack on the PAX got the Q jacked up and he may have went excessive on the Mary counts. Granola is still an alien (sadistically enjoys exercises normal PAX don’t).

Prayed for: Soybean’s Mom, Dirty Deeds and family, Pirtle’s son Micah, victims’ families of the shooting in Cordova, and local pastor who lost his wife.

Forgot to announce Black Ops at Turd Fergason Park Thursday AM