February 19, 2019

Do Work @ The Lair – 2/19 – Halpert Q

THE SCENE:   A crisp 31 degrees.

No FNGs, disclaimer given.


1 – SSH x25 IC

2 – Slow Daisy Pickers x10 IC

3 – Merkins x10 IC

4 – Stretch OYO for one min


Merkin Mile – 12 min

4 corners on the turf – 20 min

bear crawl on the shorts

  1. 50 Jump lunges, one is one
  2. 50 BBSUs
  3. Bat wings – 4cts on all – forward arm circles x25, backward arm circles x25, seal claps x25, OH claps x25
  4. Dips on the bleachers 4ct x25 IC
  5. LBCs 4ct x50IC

Mosey to the pull up bar on the playground.  The PAX combined for 75 pull-ups.

Mosey to the turf field.  Start at half line.  5 squats, 40 yd line 10 squats, 30 yd line 15 squats, 20 yd line 20 squats, 10 yd line 25 squats.

Mosey back to startex for Mary.


  1. Flutter kicks x25 IC
  2. Hello dolly x25 IC
  3. Pickle Pounders x25IC
  4. Hold Plank 1 min
  5. LBCs x25 IC

4 PAX – CLo, Skids100, Anklet, QIC Halpert

Consider those men in your concentrica who are not excelling in specific areas, whether it is career, financial, physical, spiritual.  Go alongside that man and encourage a whetstone type of relationship or be open and ask how you can help.  Is that man posting to F3?  Physical fitness is the first GET RIGHT that will spill over into all other areas of a man’s life.


Crucible 3/30 – HC now, tell somebody, be there.