May 22, 2019

Disclaimer delayed and music all for Meter Maid


71* and a little muggy. Sweaty weather.


I started to disclaim, only to see Meter Maid’s headlights rolling in. This was at least 4.25 minutes earlier than YHC expected to see MM. So instead of repeating the disclaimer, I waited for him. This delayed us ever so slightly. But we needed a lawyer….


SSH x30 IC

IW’s x20 IC

Tempo Squats x10 IC

Arm Circles x10 IC forward and reverse

Little mosey for about 2 minutes

During the mosey Meter Maid asked if I was playing any music during my Q, which I had not planned on doing. Slightly flattered, and in an attempt to be a man of the people, I acquiesced to MM’s request. Zima may or may not have approved of the list…not that I truly cared about his opinion (Zima, feel free to post with me sometime to hear my playlists. We’ll see!). 


We gathered around the fountain at The Saddle. The fountain was not circulating water….I expected more in Germantown.

30 second AMRAP of each exercise (unless noted) with 12 second rest in between.

* SSH x30 IC 
* Merkins
* Squats 
* Walking lunges
* One leg squat (6 each leg) rear leg on table
* Flutter Kicks 
* Werkins (wide arm Merkins)
* Jump Lunges 
* American Hammers
* Derkins (decline Merkin with feet on the bench)
* Squats


We went through this circuit twice. Then we moseyed for about 2 minutes. Then we did the circuit a third time. Then we moseyed again.

Though I had hoped for a train to impose a 10 burpee penalty, none came. We did 10 burpees anyways. No Chumbaburpees today…surprise, surprise.


Dealer’s choice…we did LBC’s and some others that I can’t remember.


Woody, Speaker, U-Rock, Kudzu, Webelo, Rocket Launcher, Meter Maid, Dawson, Blart, Cheesesteak on Q

Many of us men, and many in our culture, are easily angered and offended. YHC read in Proverbs 19:11 “Good sense in a man makes him slow to anger, and it is his glory to overlook an offense.” We ought to stand for the truth but not always be so easily offended or highly critical when people disagree with us or just generally disappoint us. Jesus endured insult and shame for our benefit. Sometimes we endure far less and complain much more. Let’s aim to be less angry and to forgive more.


This Q is a shoutout/request/dedication to Snowman, who Q’ed a very similar version of this workout months ago at The Levee. Wide Right HATED this workout. I often do this workout in my living room when I cannot otherwise post. It can be completed in a tight space with only dining room chair for the Derkins and single-leg squats.  

Convergence Monday at The Barracks.