December 23, 2017

Dirty Santa and Reindeer Games?? Oh, joy.

AO: The Mothership, aka: “Santa’s Workshop”

QIC: O Positive

PAX: F-150, Pops, Bootheel, Rabbit, Bruce, Soybean, Lazarus, Slicnut, Phat Pat, Mama’s Boy, Nature Boy and O Positive

CONDITIONS: Rainy…windy…41 degrees



•Toe Touches x25 IC
•Wide Arm Circles (F) x25 IC
•Wide Arm Circles (R) x25 IC
•Hill Billies x25 IC (cue banjo music)

>Lil’ mosey: about a 1/2 mile when all said and done taking full advantage of a nearby incline; them hammies were on fi-yah


Part 1: Reindeer Games
9 Reindeer=9 stations of pain; 12 PAX divided into 3 sets of 4

*Dasher: 40 Yard Dash; group 1 then 2 then 3; 3-40 yard dashes=120 yards total

*Dancer: Grapevine (Karaoke); all groups went 60 yards facing W then turned to face E to finish last 60 yards

*Prancer: High Knee Hops; alternating knees; all groups went 120 yards; kinda looked like skipping especially-Phat Pat

*Vixen: Bear Crawl; 15 yards; PAX moved as 1 unit; nobody likes a Vixen

*Comet: 120 Yard Sprint; errbody

*Cupid: Burpees; 20 count; OYO; because we all LOVE burpees

*Donner: Lunge Walk; OYO; 120 yards; because Soybean’s hospital name is Don so he got to pick the pain

*Blitzen: Merkins; YHC had to call an audible because his original plan was the Turkish Get-Up (TGU) which he failed miserably at providing an example for the PAX…so…opted for MERKINS 20 count…IC. “Can’t Q it if I can’t do it.” Wonh.wonh.wonh.

*Rudolph…your favorite reindeer of all: More Burpees; BECAUSE YHC couldn’t perform the TGU as previously mentioned and had intended to call this as the Turk-Burp…well…called a 2nd audible:Burpees.  Gotta do what ya gotta do; 25 count.

*SLOWWWWW mosey back over to flag for Part 2

Part 2: Dirty Santa
*Season of giving-PAX exchanged gifts as a group.  1 PAX would step into the circle to be Santa Q, reach into the stocking, pull out an exercise and Q the exercise then next PAX would take his turn.

*Komodo Dragon (stationary): x25 IC; keeping right hand still and performing Merkins while moving left hand north then south; alternating directions after each repetition

*High Knees: x25 IC

*Merkins (close): x25 IC

*Bobby Hurleys: x25 IC

*Squats: x25 IC

*Squat Jumps: x25 IC

*SSH: x25 IC (good job by Bootheel on calling this as Santa Q)

*Butt Kickers x25 IC

*Squats (W): x25 IC

*Merkins-Arm Release (Left): x25 IC

*R.I.P. (running in place): 25 seconds

*LBC: x25 IC

•Hello Dolly x20 IC
*Box Cutters (F) x10 IC
•Box Cutters (R) x10 IC
•Flutter Kicks x20 IC
•Stargazers x10 seconds



>YHC dropped some reindeer knowledge on the men of F3-Memphis.  Rudolph would make a great F3 PAX.  He was ready to lead and got the job done when Santa looked him in his shiny red nose and said, “Rudy…it’s your time to shine.” At the end of the day, F3 is a leadership factory. Be ready to lead and carry your load. Finished with the BOM by lifting PAX prayer requests up.

*Cold. Rainy. Great job by the PAX. No man left behind-no man left the same. Lazarus was in rare form. Bruce pushed through although feeling like reindeer poop. Not as many ugly Christmas sweaters as YHC had hoped for but still plenty of ugly to go around. Said farewell…but not goodbye to brother, F-150, who leaves Memphis for Dallas next week.  Today was his final F3-Memphis post…for now.  YHC rolled out Parking Lot Coffeeteria (PLC) to the PAX…and it was a big hit. Looking forward to more of that.

The men of F3-Memphis rolled their sleeves up in Santa’s Workshop, did work and got better together.