February 18, 2019

Dirty Ruck Deuce

Cold and dry.  Perfect conditions for a Ruck workout.



SSH x20 IC
Windmills x16 IC (because I forgot to change inflection on rep 15)
Daisy Pickers x15 IC
Arm Circles x10 IC each direction

4 sets of 3 exercises, with each exercise being 12 4-count reps.  Each set ended with a 1/2 mile ruck.  Each set consisted of one chest, one core, and one leg exercise (all either wearing or holding rucks).

Set 1:  Merkins, BBSU, Squats.
Set 2:  Carolina Dry Docs, Imperial Squat Walkers, Flutter Kicks.
Set 3: Overhead Ruck Press, Monkey Humpers, Hello Dollys.
Set 4: Ruck Curls, Tempo Squats, Ruck-to-Shoestrings.

Sprinkled throughout.

7 PAX:  Ace Ventura, Choker (QIC), No Fuego, Passport, Soulja Boy, Tree Hugger, Wall Builder

If you’re not doing the Equinox Challenge, do it.  I think a lot of people were unable to post 3x in a week early on, and because of that did not press on with the rest of the challenge.  But if you fall into that category, there is a lot of great stuff in there that you’re missing out on.  Posting at other AOs introduces you to other PAX that you might know by name but have never met.  Reading good books exercises your mind and expands your horizons.  Spending time alone with your M is easy to overlook but absolutely necessary for your relationship.

Don’t let the inability to complete one portion of the challenge cost you the blessings that the other portions will give you.

My favorite thing about rucking is that it a great fusion of 1st and 2nd F.  I spent the ruck portions of today’s workout up front with Soulja Boy, catching each other up on our lives and careers.  It was good for my soul.  Even better was pausing every now and then to hear the conversation and laughter coming from the groups behind us.  THAT is F3.

Rucked Monkey Humpers suck.

Prayers for Ace’s M undergoing some tests today.

Check the 2F lunch sched.  Attend one near you.