September 3, 2019

Dirty McDora at the Levee

THE SCENE:  Cool, dark. I arrived around 0515 and wrote my weinke out by the light of the moon (actually it was the security lights around the concession stand). In the distance, the bobbing headlamps of the pre-ruckers were slowly approaching. Halpert started the percolator early, but as 0530 approached, he lamented making so much. King of the Bluff would be light today at the Levee, just how YHC likes it. 


SSH x20; Daisy Pickers x10; Imperial Walkers x15; Merkin x5; Tempo Squat x10


We made the loop around HHS, stopping every quarter mile for: 12 Merkins IC; 12 squats IC; 12 flutter kicks IC. This routine is what we call The Dirty McDeuce. At each quarter mile stop, some PAX planked up and others went back for the six. 

At our third stop, a gray Nissan sedan swerved into the driveway. We got up and out of the way just before being run down. The Nissan sped into the next parking lot. Rabbit and Homie emerged! 20 minutes late!

At the last stop, we did a round of Dora. PAX paired up. P1 started exercises. P2 ran forward about 30 yards, did 5 smurf jacks, then backpedaled back. Each pair did:

100 hand-release merkins
150 big boy sit-ups
200 Bonnie Blairs (or however many until 0608, when we headed back to the flags). 

Gas pumps; Hello Dolly (thanks, Nature Boy!); YHC called on Billy Blanks next and he inexplicably called for a lap around the lot! Terrible! We had about a minute left for a low plank hold.

16 PAX – Roots, Steinbrenner, Halpert, Moneybags, Homie, Rabbit, Boudreaux, La-Z-Boy, LinkedIn, Spirit Stick, Pablo, Pebbles, Billy Blanks, Royal Caribbean, Nature Boy, Soybean (QIC)

I injured my hip over a month ago and have been slowly recovering. It’s kept me from working out for about 4 weeks. For many men, hitting some kind of valley (brought on by injury, marital issues, financial stress, and lots of other things) can make us want to withdraw. Because I haven’t been able to workout how I’d like, I’ve wanted to withdraw completely – sleep in and not do any form of exercise. Two things have helped keep me engaged:

  1. Ownership – Take responsibility for something. If guys are counting on you to be present, you’re more likely to show up. Within F3, sign-up to Q workouts, volunteer to help with AOQ or Region tasks. 
  2. Shield Lock – I meet with 3 other guys every other week. They ask hard questions about my King (fitness), Queen (diet), and Jester (sins that I regularly struggle with) and they hold me to a high standard. That helps keep me going even when I don’t want to. 

Who’s keeping you accountable? Who are you keeping accountable? Don’t let yourself or the men around you sink when they hit the inevitable valleys of life.

Awesome morning at the Levee, as always! Triple Claps to Halpert for making gallons of very hot coffee; Billy Blanks for always picking up the six and encouraging the PAX; Rabbit and Homie for not running us over; Father Time for saving us from all those Bonnie Blairs. Had some good PLC conversation with Pebbles about the positive impact F3 has made in both of our lives. 

Regional VAPE session Thursday, 9/12, 8-9 PM at Central BBQ on Summer. Read about it in the Preblast and SHOW UP!