August 2, 2019

Dirty McDeuce in Hernando

THE SCENE: YHC crossed the state line and arrived at Kuykendall Park at 0520. Lots of cars in the lot, but came to find out that most of them belonged to a ladies’ fitness group that’s been meeting on the track on Fridays. Bell Ringer, Bruce, and Photoshop were shooting the breeze in the lot. YHC moseyed to the track to scope out our field of play. Fit Male Trainer had backed his car down to the track and the Training Ladies were listening to him explain things. YHC spotted two Very Tall Males standing in the vicinity of the Training Ladies who were not participating. Curious! I walked back over to the lot and engaged in conversation with the PAX. Upstate arrived and Birds Are Real. The two Very Tall Males from the Training Ladies’ vicinity then walked up. It was, in fact, Homewrecker and an FNG! We exchanged pleasantries, then I called the PAX to circle up near the shovel flag. 

F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER: Given, as a freshly shorn Gus was pulling into the lot

SSH x20; Merkins x10; Imperial Walkers x15; Daisy Pickers x10; Windmill x10; Tempo Squat x10

Mosey to the track!

YHC led the PAX to the Northeastern corner of the track. This would be our gym. First up, The Dirty McDeuce!

Merkins x12 IC
Squats x12 IC
Flutter Kicks x12 IC

Take a lap! 

Repeat-O four times. Gus brought the enthusiasm with each round and our FNG was very much NOT excited about the flutter kicks. 

Next up, we moved to the field for some four corners action. 

Corner 1: 5 burpees, run to Corner 2
Corner 2: 15 merkins, lunge walk to Corner 3
Corner 3: 30 squats, sprint to Corner 4 (“This isn’t a pattern!” – Gus, not the first time he’s complained about my Four Corner reps)
Corner 4: 25 Big Boy Sit-ups, lunge walk to Corner 1

Move to the track – walk the curves, sprint the straights. One round. Slow mosey back to the shovel flag. 

We circled up in the shovel flag’s vicinity. More merkins, squats, flutter kicks. 

I don’t usually fly without a Weinke, but today I did. I didn’t have enough prepared for Mary, so I took advantage of the extra time by 1) explaining HTC (how to count) and 2) recruiting Gus to perform his infamous Ratchet Shoulder Blaster. It’s only air!

We finished up with some flutter kicks, hello dollies, and LBCs. 

Upstate, Bruce, Photoshop, Birds R Real, Gus, Bell Ringer, Homewrecker, Soybean (QIC), Dr. Dre (FNG – goes by Dre, strength and conditioning coach, played football at a place call Aw Bern? I don’t know)

YHC encouraged the PAX to take ownership, EH their friends, and Q some workouts. F3 Hernando will be what you make it! Bell Ringer needs your help!

The Gridiron is launched! Hernando will never be the same.

Gus shaved his face for his wife, which is sweet, I guess. Dr. Dre has an A and W tattooed on his calves and NARROWLY avoided being named Root Beer or Sasparilla. Birds Are Real continued his bird-truthing crusade.  Homewrecker’s family got approved to foster. OTR was SORELY missed this morning. To Ringless, Scissor Lift, Junior Mint, Cupid, and the other fartsackers: wake up!

2nd Anniversary Workout at the Mothership (Shelby Farms) – 8/17, 7 AM. Be there!