February 11, 2020

Dirty Dova Dirty Mac Deuce

The scene: Moist 41
Welcome and Disclaimer: Psh yeah, no duh

Warm o Rama: SSH x25 IC, Daisy Pickers x10 IC, tempo squats x10 IC, OYO 1 min

The Thang: Dirty Mac Deuce to lead off, we are in the dirty dova. 4 stops along a 1 mile route, each 1/4 mile apart, PAX will do 3 sets of exercises to 12 reps counted in 4 count cadence.
1. Merkin
2. Tempo squats
3. American Hammers

Oooooh OH, we’re half way there……

Mosey to playground for some pull up challenge AMRAPS. PAX take turns doing AMRAP pull ups for 3 rds. When you are not on the bar, you are holding plank position. Rest in plank.

Mosey to parking lot. (2 to 4 rounds)
100 ya sprint to marker
Backpedal back
Bear crawl to marker
Backpedal back

Dealers choice for 5 min

COT: Valentines on Friday. You should want to shower your bride or gf with love and adoration anyway, but think of it like this…If you have kids, be the example for them because they’re watching every move. Show your daughters how a wife is supposed to be treated. Show your sons how they’re supposed to treat a woman. Cards, flowers, chocolates, surprise date night, extra things you know your wife will love.

Workout Date: