March 20, 2019

Diego and the Cupid Shuffle?

THE SCENE: Nice weather. It was strange.

SSH X 25 IC, Arm Circles 10 IC & Flapjack, Overhead “Thunder” claps x 15 IC, Hillbillies x 15 IC, Daisy Pickers x 15 IC

Cupid Shuffle Challenge: QIC played cupid shuffle.  Every time you hear “Down” you do a Merkin, otherwise you are doing a Mountain Climber until the chorus.  In the chorus you hold plank. When he says “to the right” you move your right leg out and back…flapjack with “to the left”.  When he changes to “now kick” you alternate leg lifts from plank position.  When he says “now walk it by yourself” you go back to mountain climbers.  The song is 3:52…it sucked.

Afterwards, we did a 10 second recovery and grabbed our CMUs.  17 PAX partnered up for Diego = 100 merkins with feet on CMU, 150 overhead presses with CMU, 200 LBCs, 250 curls, and 300 goblet squats.  One partner would start the exercise and the other partner would bear crawl the small island of the OF parking lot and jog back.  QIC Omaha’d on the bear crawl when the teams got to squats.  Once you got to squats, the bear crawl was stopped and both PAX would try to get as many squats as possible.  Most groups got at least half way if not all the way through with squats.

Captain Thor = 1 BBS: 4 American Hammers with increasing interval.  We got to 8 BBS and 32 American Hammers by 6:15.
17 PAX (1 FNG – Sir Topham Hatt)
Importance of taking time away for recharge and the re-calibration of being present with family.  I went camping with my family over the weekend and being able to be disconnected from work and my phone allowed for more connection with my family and being present.  Can easily be done in my normal schedule and I choose too often to be disconnected.  Challenged the PAX to fight apathy and engage even when that is difficult.
Diego with the CMUs is no joke.  The cupid shuffle challenge was ridiculous too and I would use it again.

FNG gave us nothing for a name and I refused to name him anything regarding UT-Knox..I’ve been saving Sir Topham Hatt for an FNG that gave me nothing and he did so…He’s from Memphis. He’s seen a train…he is now Sir Topham Hatt. #dobetter FNGs!

Great to have Lodge back!


Crucible…run more in preparation