September 19, 2018

Did We Do This Already?

At last! The gloom is dark again! Just the way the good Lord intended. Probs been this way for a while but YHC’s been AWOL doing dumb Navy stuff for about 6 weeks so whatever. It’s new to me.

Oh yeah, Poplar showed up late. SMH.*

Welcomed and thoroughly disclaimed our FNG. Someone had to make him feel welcome since his up-line wasn’t even there yet. (Poplar????‍♂️)*

Shared the F3 mission statement as well.

SSH x20 IC
ISW x20 IC
Abe Vigoda x10 IC
Some stretches for the hammies, chest, and tris

YHC was on Q last minute so, in a pinch, decided to do an exact repeat of his last Q.

Alternating Offset Merkins x50
(We were gonna do this with CMUs but half of us, including YHC forgot to bring CMUs so we used the parking space stops. Is YHC a quick thinker or what?)

200ish yard mosey to pavilion 

Aiken Legs at the pavilion
– 20 Air Squats OYO
– 20 Box Jumps OYO
– 20 luges IC (2=1)
– 20 Smurfjacks IC

1/4 mile mosey to the tennis court for Absolution!
-Absolution x5 Click here for the deets
-1 lap around the court incorporating front/rear moseying and side shuffling
-Repeat 3 times for a total of 20 reps and 4 laps

1/2 mile lap ending at startex for some 11s using burpees and squats.

We did 3 exercises led by by the PAX but YHC failed to adequately document these events in real time and now the world may never know the real story of those true American Heroes.  I’ll never forgive myself.

6 PAX (1FNG) Ace, Poplar, No Fuego, Tree Hugger, Short Timer, Soulja Boy

Nothing prepared. Spoke from the heart on what YHC has learned in the past several weeks about good leadership:
-Leadership is Hard. It requires getting out of your comfort zone and doing hard things. Physically, mentally, and emotionally.
-Leadership is not about you. It’s about those you serve. make no mistake, good leaders are servants.
-Failure is part of leadership. It’s not about how many times you fall, It’s how many times you get back up. Challenge is good. A great and necessary reality which does not mar you, but in fact strengthens you.

F3 exists for the purpose of promoting and invigorating male leadership. If you have been coming for the workout and have never seized the opportunity to lead others YHC encourages you to do so.

It is great to be back! Thanks to Short Timer for holding it down as AOQ. Now go and launch that Atoka AO, Bro!

It was great meeting Poplar and our FNG, ACE!

Congratulations to our brother, Gilligan! Everything is different now brother. Enjoy it.

Talked about GR12 and Goruck.